If you updated your iPhone 3GS or 4 to iOS 6.0 and need to bypass the activation screen, follow this step by step guide to get your phone up and running.  The video is very easy to follow and will let you access your iPhone home screen.  This is UNTETHERED meaning you can lock and unlock your iPhone and you WONT have to repeat these steps so that’s a major advantage.

Download Links:

Redsn0w 0.9.15b2 – Mac

Redsn0w 0.9.15b2 – Windows

iPhone 3GS 6.0 Firmware File

iPhone 4 GSM 6.0 Firmware Files


73 Responses to “How to: Hacktivate iPhone 3GS & 4 – iOS 6.0 STEP BY STEP”

  1. thank you very much it works a lot. your the man..

  2. Jessica says:

    Why the fuck is the firmware NOT working?

  3. Zach says:

    Hey I did this and it worked! however it greyed out my wifi option so i cant even turn it on or off

  4. Duna says:

    Hello i have un iphone 3GS IOS 6 bootrom old 920 …….is working ??thanks

  5. mueez says:

    Hey, Thanks it worked, but it doesnt show up the netwrok, it is still on search. What to do , can u help me pls.

  6. Jason says:

    hey, it says the that the ISPW isn’t compatible to the redsnOw…. 9.15b2….. Can you help?

    • john says:

      This DOES NOT work with an iPhone 4 as the ipsw is NOT valid in any version of redsn0w and even if you get a valid ipsw to work you will never get the location services screen instead it’ll just skip to ‘Activation Failed’ insert a sim card

  7. sandesh acharya says:

    i got a problem with my ipone4 while i updated it to version 6.0. none of the application works on my iPhone. i did according to the video shown above but nothing happens to my iPhone,it is same as usual i.e. not activated,no service. plz anyone could help me with this!!!!!

  8. Nik says:

    why my phone say No Service when i put sim card ,but other than it did work

  9. Phoenix says:

    i got an i phone 3gs 32gb old boot rom, set of 2009, when i bought it it’s already jailbroken, my brother borrowed it and accidentally upgraded it to 6.0.1 iOs from 4.1, so have watched how to jail break on youtube, but i got stucked to No Sim, then i thought what sims to be the problem, i got a 06.15.00 ipadbaseband(FUCK) but on the jail breaking i didnt click on the install ipad baseband! does the 6.0.1 ios automtically install the 06.15.00? and now, when i put on a sim, it’s stuck on “searching”… do my phone baseband radio is bricked? is there anyway to fix this?

  10. Kaylor says:

    Hi the redsn0w link works but the firmware acts weird and doesnt wrk. HELP

  11. sulyman says:

    u are good man!
    i appreciate!

  12. Daniel says:

    Please help. Was following this step by step and then I accidentally cancelled the jailbreak midway through and now my phone is off and wont turn back on. I’ve plugged it into my comp and redsnow or itunes doesn’t recognize it.

    What can I do?

    Please help.

  13. august says:

    I have a Iphone 3gs Baseband 06.15.00. After I hacktivate, Safari, mail, and calendar just show a blank screen. It will connect to the app store and download apps. but when i use web based apps like skype and kakao talk, it says connect to internet. And the Cydia app is not there.

  14. Kayra says:

    Thanks! It’s worked, but it’s not recognising my network. 🙁 .. help pls

  15. TMAK says:

    Like a glove! Thanks for posting this!

  16. valbo says:

    This worked like a breeze… awesome

  17. Akshay says:

    ive iphone 3gs. Ive updated it to 6.0.1 and when i open the redsnow from your link it shows the error “Incomplete itunes libraries” Certain operations are disabled due to incomplete itunes libraries. couldnt load mobiledevice.dll (error 127).

    Also when i go to select ipsw the redsnow shows that it is not supported ios firmware.

    please help..

  18. jack says:

    This got the phone working but i cannot use my sim now? and also cydia is not there

  19. jack says:

    cant use the just boot with ios 6.0.1 , you must use ios 6.0

  20. michael says:

    i already finished download the zip file firmware.. and it automatically open with winrar… the problem is i cant see the firmware 6.0 what will i do… pls help… where will i go to find the firmware. pls help

  21. sohrab says:

    hey it says…that IPSW is not supported bye this version of redsn0w.

  22. shane says:

    it is taking ages for 6.0 firmware to download is this right?

    • Nadya says:

      Yeah, haha. My advice would’ve been to download it at night, and you’d wake up with it done, brightening your day! I say would’ve because I see you posted in December. Sorry(:

  23. Bahaa says:

    No network is shown, everything else is great. What’s next?

  24. peter says:

    firmware is not working

  25. Bijesh says:

    Why it doesnt work for iOS 6.0.1 ??

  26. sameer says:

    i have an iphone 3gs with bb version 6.15.00 and shsh blobs 4.1, 6.0.1 .. can i upgrade it to 6.0 with the above process ?

  27. Norbz says:

    redsn0w cant recognized the IOS 6.0.1 help….not supported IPSW

  28. Artham says:

    It worked for me but cydia is missing :'(

  29. DonB says:

    Seems like this hack only partially works!!

    Most people say it works BUT xxxxx does not!!

    I don’t call that working!!

    I would like to try it but I don’t want to end up with a brick!!

  30. Jacob says:

    I did the hactivate for iphone 3gs for os 6.01 and it says after I get through with the DFW stage, it says “this device does not support untethered options”. Please help.

  31. jarred davis says:

    thank you so much!!!!

  32. Cynthia says:

    Did everything but still just searches for SIM any fix?

  33. kakat says:

    to those who have problems with “no service” or “searching…”
    watch ian559fresno tutorial on that.

  34. Erika says:

    i have an iPhone 4 with iOS 6.0.1, does it work properly iOS 6.0.1?

  35. Ankush says:

    Love U Man…mwah !!!
    U R AWESOME 🙂 🙂

  36. Kan says:

    You rocks man!

  37. Salman says:

    Hi i have iPhone 4 no network already jailbroken with 5.1.1 even i tryied with sam no work ple give me some help what can i do to make un Lock thx watt for reply

  38. Montez says:

    When i put it in dfu mode it still says device not detected even though i do it perfectly please help me someone

  39. carlos says:

    hey man i have a iphone 3gs and the firmware dont work

  40. carlos says:

    can u post another onee or fix that one or sum plz i need it

  41. Nic says:

    where is the .ISPW?

    When i downlaod the firmware it is in .zip -.-

  42. Weiyong says:

    It really work with my iphone3gs 6.0.1. Thank you very much.

  43. jenn says:

    excellent! sirve demasiado bien 🙂

  44. jaymuk says:

    i get no service now. I am able to use the home only through wifi but it cannot search network and says no service now.

  45. ehsan says:

    after 2 hour i have done it………………thanks man

  46. yoseph_y3 says:

    Good job Man. It works, thank you

  47. Col says:


  48. niclas says:

    Hey guys you see i am stuck at this black screen whith white tex on it. And the last words is panic: We are hanging here…
    somebody help?!?!?!

  49. Lindsay says:

    the redsnow isn’t working. do i have to have a mac to do this?

  50. dusan says:

    thanks man… :)))

  51. Alyssa says:

    Thank You So Much 🙂 . Hope you could help me with my next problem . My Gevey Sim is not working with my IOS in my Iphone 4 .

  52. ketnet says:

    3gs new br
    worked fine for me…
    but…safari and email stay blank…
    i just needed hacktivation to put back another custom ipsw.. so ok.. thx!

  53. kyrie says:

    ahhhhhhhhh thank u so much iv been stuck wimy ip4 and no one was able to get it off the error process thank u so much ! 😀

  54. mariam says:

    hey..i’m doing as you have mentioned..but this red snow is showing error that IPSW is not suppoerted by this version of red snow..what to do now?

  55. evzy100 says:

    thanks for tha help la brudah good looking out.

  56. melissa says:

    each time i click the ipsw it say that “this ipsw is not supported by this version of redsnow” what can i due??

  57. not working says:

    it says this device dont support untheterd

  58. awm60 says:

    can any 1 tell me y redsn0w 9.15b3 will not recognize the 6.0 ios

  59. Turbueno says:

    On the screen of my device (3gs) it stucks saying “Failed to get AppleS5L8920XARM7M after … sec.

  60. Tyna says:

    im stuck on the waiting for reboot -_-

  61. Mathew says:

    i have iphone 3gs and its version was 4.1, i tried to update and got erased all the datas and when tried to restore its not activating..its say my phone could not be activated cos the activation server is temp unavailable…
    after watching ur videos i down loaded redsnow 0.9.15b2 for mac and ISPW 1_6.010A403, however when i go thru the step u have instructed in ur video , it says that the ISPW is not supported by this version of redsnow… could you help me in this matter… need to know which redsnow version goes with which ISPW version ?
    since i bought i never updated my phone…
    thanks a lot in advance

  62. defiye says:

    I have an iphone 4 ios 7.0.. Can i activate it without sim card..now i stuck on activation screen..

  63. Nadya says:

    Hey I have an Iphone 4 with ios 7.0.4 and downloaded the latest version of redsnow and my firmware file (I wasn’t sure if my phone was GSM or 8GB so I downloaded both). It keeps saying that the IPSW isn’t supported by the version of redsnow. /i even attempted to restore the IPSW and it’s unavailable. Is it just me doing something wrong or did it not come out yet?

  64. Nadya says:

    Also to say I downloaded redsnow with google chrome and it asked to zip, so I took the advice to download it with Mozilla and it self-zipped. (P.S. I LOVE how I am getting math equations for verification….I don’t like math) (:

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