If you don’t have a sim card and need to activate your iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 on iOS 5.1.1 then follow the step by step guide below to bypass the activation screen. The guide is very easy to understand so everyone can follow the instructions perfectly.

Download Links:
Redsn0w 0.9.10b6 (Windows)
Redsn0w 0.9.10b6 (Mac)
iPhone 3GS 5.1 Firmware – DO NOT USE 5.1.1!
iPhone 4 5.1 Firmware – DO NOT USE 5.1.1!


334 Responses to “How To: Hacktivate iPhone 3GS & 4 on 5.1.1 (Activate without Sim Card)”

  1. moixos says:

    didnt work for me, im using redsn0w .0.9.11b4 iphone 3gs ios 5.1.1

    redsn0w is stuck in uploading ramdisk

    computer os windows 7 and im running redsn0w as administrator

    • sivasankar says:

      right click redsn0w, goto properties-compatibilty-select run this program in compatiblity mode for windows XP service pack 2. Also enable administrator mode below. this must work for sure.
      If again problem exists go to task manager, in process tab find redsn0w,right click and select set affinity.
      Now proceed……

      • Sabine says:

        Hey folks!

        could anyone help me?
        I got stuck at the stage when entering the dfu mode, I couldn’t enter the mode and after I cancelled now my iphone is doing nothing anymore, just turned black.

        It is a iphone 4 running on ios 5.1.1, I ‘ve used redsnow0.9.14b2.

        Thanks for any help!!!!

      • dominic says:

        hey uhh… im using redsn0w 0.9.14b1 and I can’t seem to install cydia because once it exploits everything after DFU it will give me a message stating “This version does not support untethered” bla bla bla how do i fix it?

    • benny says:

      will my phone number remain after doing this?

  2. jasem says:

    thanks man for the great help , I did everything but when I installed ultrasnow , the phone still locked and it say no service and notice that the wireless is not stable as before .
    ,the one I am using is 06.15.00,
    do I have to do something else ,
    appreciate it ,

    • sivasankar says:

      just go to cydia, manage->sources->edit->add-> http://repo.iparelhos.com
      Add this source, after this enter into the added source and install ultrasn0w fixer for 5.1.1 and install ultrasn0w again. Reboot the iphone. Insert ur sim card.
      wait 2 minutes… if needed turn on and off airplane mode. Eventually u will find ur carrier.

    • Bogo says:

      Thanks!!!! I love you alll!!!!!!! i tought I have lost my Iphone 3gs for ever..i f**ed up everithing I could,dind’t made back-up..but with this info i was able to have my phone working again. For other users having problems, follow the instructions, if u have any errors, do it again, if u see searching and searching downgrade your baseband…I did all this (for the first time, not even knowing what baseband is, don’t know now either..) and it all worked out perfect.
      Thanks again

    • plop34paul says:

      I have had exactly the same problems. I’ve tried all the points below, including downgrading and nothing has worked. Still “searching” or “no service” comes up, and I too have very unstable wireless? After 15 emails to the Redsnow people (who I paid money too) and about 15 hours on this – I’m pretty frustrated! Can anyone help!
      What is the “no service fix”?

  3. jasem says:

    thanks sivasankar,
    but it did not work , what else I can do to unlock this phone , may be i have the new bootrom one I guess,
    is there any way ,I can unlock that ,

  4. Rue says:

    Everything was working fine until I went into Cydia and searched for “Rocky Racoon” as you did, when I searched it nothing came up. Now what do I do?

    • Mikersson says:

      search in youtube and look for the source that have the “Rocky Racoon” repo, install the source in manage->sources->edit->add-> (name of the source) and after that look for the “Rocky Racoon” repo again.

  5. Rue says:

    Nevermind I found it, but when I go to download “Rocky Racoon 5.1.1 Untether” I get a
    “Cannot Comply: The requested modifications cannot be applied due to required dependencies or conflicts that cannot be automatically found or fixed”
    Rocky Racoon 5.1.1 Untether
    Depends – iOS Firmware =5.1.1″

    Do I need to upgrade my OS to 5.1.1?
    Please help, thank you!

  6. Mikersson says:

    mAN u RE THE BEST!!!!

  7. daniel says:

    unlock wont work

  8. Robert says:

    Need help I have the phone jailbroken but cant unlock it to work with Simply mobile it has 05.16.05 firmware what can I do to unlock it without a sim card.

    • sivasankar says:

      ur firmware 05.16.05 cannot be unlocked. u must upgrade ur baseband to 06.15.00 using redsn0w.
      It is easier process, just select “Install ipad baseband” option in redsn0w and complete the process.
      Then install ultrsn0w…. U r done………..

      • Paula says:

        I have mistakingly restored my previously jailbreaked and unlocked Iphone 3gs on Itunes so now is locked. Have tried jailbreaking and rebooting with redsn0w but can´t get pass the activation screen on the phone. It says I need to insert a valid a Sim card with no pin lock to activate the phone (won´t read mine) I´ve even tried jailbreaking using 5.1 ipsw and boot tethering and will get to the same point. Also tried jailbreaking with Install Cydia unticked. The custom software is 06.15.00 I cannot access to any other information now since the phone won´t go further than the activation screens Could you please please help me? I will need as detailed steps as possible.

        • Nina says:

          i had the same problem i have done everything what the video showed me everything was going perfect until were it suppose to skip and come to the bit were it says set iphone but my phone just went back to activate iphone i need help please

  9. stuart says:

    When I try to to do the jailbreak step, it always gets stuck on preparing ramdisk then the application stops working.

    • sivasankar says:

      right click redsn0w, goto properties-compatibilty-select run this program in compatiblity mode for windows XP service pack 2. Also enable administrator mode below. this must work for sure.
      If again problem exists go to task manager, in process tab find redsn0w,right click and select set affinity.
      Now proceed……

  10. mb says:

    It works fine until something comes up saying “Unrecognized built. Fingerprint….”
    What should I do?

  11. Josh says:

    exploit failed

  12. kitkatanddoublecheeseburger says:

    somehow the apple logo appeared while the exploit was going on is that normal or did i do something wrong?

    • luis says:

      the same thing happened to me… all i did to fix it was hit cancel the reopned it then extras>select ipsw>iphone 2,1_5.1 then just boot

  13. kitkatanddoublecheeseburger says:

    nevermind, but, can i restore the apps and settings etc from itunes to my iphone now?

  14. Tim H says:

    Will any 5.1 file work. I don’t have one.

  15. aaryagaurav says:

    thank you, successfully, i have a untethered jailbreak, and now that after installing ultrasnow and all the fixer stuff, it shows no service. help me out!

  16. Devon says:

    After opening up Redsnow, then clicking on extra, then clicking on “Select IPSW” i realize that I dont have that to select. where do I get it from?

  17. Eric says:

    I followed the video thoroughly, but as I already did this, a long time ago I though I could just install Rocky Racoon then, but it says Cannot Comply when i attempt to install.

    Do I have to upgrade to 5.1.1 and then repeat this process?

  18. Amanda says:

    the ipsw link for iphone 4 isnt working for me… can you send me another limk please?

  19. Mike says:


  20. tamtam says:

    what about iphone 4s?..

  21. catherine chong says:

    works great on my 3gs 5.1.1 with 5.16.05 bb…just need to flash to 06.15 bb and unlock with ultrasnow n ultrasnow fixer for 5.1.1…thanks…u guys rock!!!

  22. Elvis says:

    It stuck at logo screen when i reboot Pls help

  23. Elvis says:

    everything fine now . but i cant find Rocky Racoon on Cydia .
    I have 5.1.1

  24. Reaper says:

    how can i unlock 04.12.01? I’ve got the iphone 4. Please help!

  25. baart says:

    tis is for mac

    for windows you need to open redsn0w as administrator or do nothing with the settings?

  26. Jonny says:

    I have the same problem???! Does not support build

  27. JC says:

    I did all the steps and am still having problems with my phone saying No Service. I went into Cydia and did the Ultrasnow unlock as well as the Ultrasnow fixer for 5.1.1 and its still saying No Service … my iphone is a 3gs with the old bootrom (926) … do i need to download T-Mobile substrates??

  28. Parth says:

    Hi, I have iphone 4 gsm, and it’s not working, it’s saying unrecognized build when i do just boot.. can anybody help me..


  29. sivasankar says:

    Hi, i updated my iphone 3gs to 5.1.1, jailbreaked & unlocked sucessfully.

  30. Karla says:

    I tried but it kept saying error at the end.
    Now I cant even start my iPhone.

  31. yen123 says:

    there is ‘EXPLOIT FAILED’ problem when uploading first stage after Exploiting the limera1n. someone???

  32. oliver says:

    hi siviasankar i have a iphone 3gs 5.1 and ipad baseband but i now cant activate it and i am stuck on the activation screen can you help me thanks

  33. Rebecca says:

    This was so helpful and easy to follow! Thank you so much for uploading!

  34. Azeez says:

    Thanks dude, it help a lot.

  35. danny says:

    the firmwire 5.1 cant be read by redsnow can someone please help me out.

  36. DerekG says:

    SUCCESS! but i’m just wondering if i could back it up from my iTunes?

  37. skitzo says:

    When i try to select the ispw redsn0w says ” that ispw is not supported by this version of redsn0w”. Someone help me please!

  38. leo says:

    I downloaded and ran Redsnow(win) from you link. A message came up saying that “Certain operations (like the A5 jailbreak) are disabled due to incomplete iTunes libraries. Please be sure the latest iTunes is installed” “Couldn’t load Mobiledevice.dll”.

    But I have just updated my iTune to the latest version right before I ran Redsnow.

    Please help. thankS

  39. Nilosh says:

    will this work on iphone 4s?

  40. Allen says:

    can anyone plzzz give me the rocky racoon source for cydia??? plz help….when i go to search nothing comes up…..thnxxx

  41. Derick says:

    Hi, I had given my jailbroken carrier unlocked iPhone 3GS to my friend and he accidentally upgraded it to 5.1.1. Now, all I can do is select the language and select the wifi that’s all. Doesn’t move forward at all :(.

    It tries to activate, but i do not have the original sim. Is my phone dead or can it be retrieved? If yes, what’s the process? Baseband is 05.16.05.

    Please help. Many thanks in advance!

  42. tosi says:

    im having problems rebooting it it says unrecognised build?? any help

  43. shiin says:

    Please help mine is stuck on ‘exploiting with limera1n’ for ages! please help me! tell me what to do!!?????

  44. cong says:

    how to i unlock it for tmobile??

  45. danielc says:

    i have iphone 3gs when i bought it was on 4.1 with unlocked gsm but my d*mba$$ wanted to update it didnt know i earased all settins and know i cannot get passed activation screen ive tried redsn0w pretty much of the newer versions and nothing half way thru the jail break it stops n reboots back to activaton screen…when my iphone reboots my computer still says exploiting with limerain…
    what can i do to either get passed that or jailbreak it again..I NEED HELP ASAP!

  46. brennn says:

    When i download the firmware I get it in WinZip. How do I take that and make it into the ispw file? I know I can rename the file .ispw, but I don’t know how to get the fle to my desktop?

  47. brennanh says:

    Hey I would be glady appreciative if you could help me:) I downloaded the Firmware and I download the Redsn0w, but when I click select IPSW, the gray block is there but when I click it it says That IPSW is not supported by this version of Redsn0w then some fingerprint thing. Please help I have been trying to get my Iphone 3gs 5.1.1 unlocked and jailbroken for over a week now. 🙁 Thanks for your time.

  48. asim says:

    i tried upgrading my iphone 3gs to 5.1.1 from my windows 7 pc, the download finished and after that my phone just doesnt turn on, or go into dfu mode, it does go into recovery mode but doesnt show on my itunes, i wanted to hacktivate it like in ur video but i cant do it now, the silver apple logo comes and goes every few seconds, it doesnt turn off or on, can u please tell me what to do!!

  49. asim says:

    i tried to upgrade my jailbroken iphone 3gs to 5.1.1 from windows 7 itunes, the download finished succesfully but now my phone isnt recognized in itunes while in recovery mode, and does not enter dfu mode, what should i do? the iphone is installed with an ipad baseband 6.15.00

  50. Harshen says:

    thanks for the help ..
    i have Iphone 3gs with IOs5.1.1
    i downloaded the firmware but what i got was a zip file . it is not been detected as IPSW in redsn0w . help plz

  51. goodmanjay says:

    worked like magic! Thanx and Thumbs up!

  52. MJ says:


  53. Kashif says:

    hi siviasankar

    I am trying to hactivate my iphone 5.1.1 with redsn0w 0.9.10b6 on Windows XP sp3
    but after loading said ipsw and while starting the iphone in DFU mode.
    redsn0w suddenly crashes.

    what could be the issue and what should I do, need your advise?


  54. ALEX says:

    what if it says no service instead of no sim should i continue

  55. jocke says:

    i FUCKING LOVE you maaan :d<3333333333333333

  56. Schlee says:

    when i press select ipsw, and select 5.1 for iphone 4 it says that ipsw is not supported by this version of redsn0w. What do i do?

    • Schlee says:

      arite, i got past the select ipsw. but now the phone doesnt go into DFU mode. I have to keep restoring my iphone just so that it works!

  57. LearsiG says:

    I have a 3GS from Telus (Canada) no sim, using WIN7, cannot activate, tried using redsn0w_win_0.9.10b6.zip and redsn0w_win_0.9.12b2.zip, the menu to choose Cydia does not show and run thru the whole thing, after reboot it still required the Sim.

    Could anybody please help.
    Thanks – LearsiG

  58. Ak says:

    I download iPhone2,1_5.1_9B176_Restore aftr extract all firmware is showing but no application where will i get the application to run. Anyone plzs help

  59. dotnose says:

    hi, ive downloaded redsn0w and the firmware that you have linked to.. when i try to open the firmware once in redsn0w it tells me that it is not compatable with this redsn0w? Please help

  60. felosontay says:

    Than You, i be tried different ways but y don’t got, now you make my life easy. than you so much, keep working i recommend you web site.

  61. Kunal says:

    i did everything step by step.. worked fine.. instaled rocky racoon.. no issues with that too.. but i’m facing problem with ultra snow.. my phone still shows searching… or no service.. :/ please help me out with an appropriate solution

  62. Mani Ahmed says:

    I have the latest Iphone 3GS (manufactured in Nov 2011, serial no QR1535FCEDG), new bootrom with iOS 5.1.1, jailbreaked and activated through the latest redsnow unthethered process. It was previously AT&T carrier but has been sold to me here in Pakistan.

    I need to unlock it and it seems ultrasnow doesnt yet support the base band 05.16.05 which was what this phone was supplied with even on the said 5.0.1 which now i have updated to 5.1.1.

    Need alternate help of when can i expect the said inclusion of the baseband 05.16.05 in ultrasnow. I cannot upgrade it to ipad baseband because of the new toshiba bootrom, not to mention that has still reported issues.

    My last hope remains with ultrasnow or any other hack including the required baseband.

    Thanks alot.

  63. Cream Bean says:

    You are SERIOUSLY the no1 guy in my life rite now!…well….you were 5 mins ago, for about 2 mins…moved on now….NEXT!! lol.
    but seriously….thanks!

  64. iom says:

    hey i tells me that software is not compatible with redsnow

  65. isabelle says:

    i tried everything before its getting to limera1n i get the error it says : you’ve connected a iphone 4s in DFU mode. there are curently no supported operations for this device in DFU mode. What can i do please can somebody help me.. im busy with this problem for hourssss ! tnx in advance

  66. jayden says:

    umm can someone plz help me i have a iphone 3 and i downloaded all the stuff u said to redsnow and the firmware but the firmware isnt 1 thing its a file and i dont know what to do plz help me thanks

  67. Asif says:


    I went through the entire process above and my phone is activated. But with and without Ultrasn0w my iPhone 3gs is not recognizing the sim (original).

    Please help.

    My phone is now on 5.1.1, 06.15.00

  68. yuri says:


    worked first time for me, very good video…….
    i have iphone 3gs on 5.1.1. baseband 06.15.00 and the activate, jailbreak and untether all worked first time for me. thankyou for posting!

    i have a query though- i cannot unlock my 3gs and it won’t work on any sim, have tried ultrasn0w and ultrasn0w fixer for 5.1.1. but absolutely nothing works. A friend gave me the phone as she upgraded hers when she switched to a new provider however i believe she did not pay her bill once, and i’ve heard that the original provider can block phones if a customer has not paid bill etc?

    any help would be great as am about to give up and buy a new one..


  69. kelli says:

    i tried unlocking with redsnow for hours without success. your video helped me unlock in minutes! thank you

  70. Ryan says:

    Cheers for that

    It help so much been sitting here all night trying to figure it out
    but i done it on the newest version of redsn0w 9.12.b2

  71. someguy says:

    i can use my phone 3gs know but i dont have service and every time when i turn off
    my phone i need to boot all the time what i need to do please help me.

  72. delifryz says:

    man you helped me so much not only did u help me but u made my day

  73. awxs1234 says:

    I have an iphone from abroad which has a locked sim but i want to use it with any sim card, would this make it so that i can put in any sim and use it as a phone? thanks

  74. Jill says:

    Did everything yet when I go to manually specify and IPSW I cant find it anywhere, I know the restore is there, I see it on my desktop but I cant get it

  75. Rytis says:

    Thanks man you helped me very Frikkin MUCH !!!

  76. franz says:

    downloaded the firmware but cannot see by redsnow, there’s no ipsw file, did i miss something after extracting, please help

  77. hanka says:

    it won’t work its asking me to activate the device which i don’t how to

  78. chantel says:

    im stuck of course right in the beginning, i took out sim card but all its saying is searching…..what do i do now?

    • chantel says:

      can someone please let me know the steps i have to follow to make it say no sim before the rest of the steps …thankyou

  79. Anahita says:

    Awsome thanks !!!!!

  80. tanha says:

    awesome one..now i will have to deal with the network fact

  81. andrew says:

    i tried your steps but when redsnow said “the rest of the things is done by your iphone” then error occurs i tried many times but always errors occurs what should i do now?plz help

  82. jack says:

    i have downloaded the firmware but cannot see by redsnow, it is a zip file, what can i do about that,

    help pls

  83. 1480c1 says:

    hehe I did the exact same thing and I got 6.15.00 and unteathered jailbreak so no rocky racoon.

  84. Po says:

    Its working but If you are using windows 7 just make sure 
    To run redsn0w as administrator .

  85. Av says:

    Did everything, all ok.. but still “No Service” even with the 5.1.1 ultrasn0w fixer..

    baseband 06.15.00

    any ideas guys?


  86. Jay says:

    Would it still work for No Service Bar at the top Left corner ?

  87. JaQuesha says:

    Hi every time i go to download the 5.1 firmware its says that i cant ”compressed (zipped) Floders Erros” how can i fixed this problem or go around it … plesase help iphone 3gs 32gb

  88. JaQuesha says:

    Ok so i was able to do everything step by step but after my iphone reboots and that the iphone screen pops up and i go throught pushing next but after i pick a wifi my phone trys to activate as if i never even tried to jailbrake it in the 1st place …….. can anyone someone please help me … thank you

  89. kevin yew says:

    i have a 3gs baseband 061500,after i update to 5.1.1,it stuck on the activation..my 3gs is new bootroom.before that i run 4.3.3 on my iphone,hope some1 can save my 3gs,thank you..

  90. Erin says:

    Hi, thanks for the video. Unfortunately I’m stuck on the apple symbol after the second boot. redsn0w is telling me that my build was unrecognized. Do you have any idea on how I can resolve this issue? Thank you in advance.


  91. DeMorio says:

    everything worked great but i cant get ultrasnow to find my carrier but im glad i have cydia back plz help with the ultrasnow i have a 3gs…but thanks the video was very helpful

  92. james says:

    i attempted to ” hacktivate” my iphone 4g 5.1.1 i was able to set my own ipsw and got it to install cydia but when i went to just boot it gave me an error stating “unsupported build” i cant seem to find a solution please help me


  93. Tod says:

    Hello mine says still searching i have done it with so many ways but it doesnt work with sim card says searching

  94. asim says:

    not workiing saying this devise does not support tethered options

  95. haopee says:

    Hi. Thank you. This process worked for me.

    I downloaded the iphone firmware 5.1.1
    Then I got the latest redsnow and manually selected my IPWS
    I did JB it with Install Cydia + the iPad option checked
    Waited for it to finish.
    I then downloaded the latest Ultrasnow Fixer
    Next, I downloaded Ultrasnow
    Then Installous

  96. Bries says:

    I Jailbroke it and everything like you did and everything worked but how do i unlock it for T-Mobile ??

  97. Erios says:

    HI, I am stuck with the first step. I downloaded the redsnow and iphone 5.1 but it comes out as a zipped folder..i have the 7 zip but it still stays as a folder..so when I try to do the step where you press extras ..then select IPSW, I only have a folder and as i press open it takes me to sub folders. I do not know what I’m doing wrong. If you can help I’ll appreciate it. Thank u

  98. john says:

    when i try clicking select ipsw and look for the 5.1 i can’t find it please help

    • johnnybravo says:

      when downloading some browsers may rename the .ipsw file to .zip , simply rename the .zip to .ipsw and that does the trick. gluck

  99. Rik Tan says:


    video has been really useful and I am trying my best to figure everything out but I can’t seem to get into DFU mode. (which I am sure is a stupid problem haha) but either way I follow ur instructions and even instructions on redsn0w but no luck. Is there anything else you can recommend or should I just keep trying?

    any tips will be appreciated.


  100. Jordan says:

    My updata is set to a winrar file and it wont let me accept it!! pls could someone help.

  101. Ant says:

    I just got an iPhone 4 from Telus here in Vancouver.. am i eligible for this? I can’t check the firmware since it’s not activated yet….

    Also, after you do this, can you still update to get the latest iOS through iTunes? Please help.. I really want to use it but im scared!

  102. Onsulade says:

    Hey people, I found this on Youtube wich leaded me here. I need to hacktiave my iPhone 4S as it’s not activated yet without SIM. I followed the steps, with redsn0w 0.9.14B the newest version, downloaded the 5.1 IPSW as I have 5.1.1 running. It just tells me the iPhone needed to be activated first, after selecting the 5.1 & hit Jailbreak. Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.

  103. c64 says:

    Awesome job. Thanks for the help! Without this, I don’t know what I would’ve done (likely have drowned my iPhone, lol)…

  104. Valerie says:

    it says unsupported IPSW…

  105. Anshuman says:

    Hi when I try to go into DFU, my itunes recognizes the device and displays a popup that itunes has detected an iphone in recover mode…

    at the same time, RedSnow says no device detected, you probably misunderstood

    this is the first time i am attempting to enter DFU and the purpose is to haktivate my 3gs orunning on 5.1.1

  106. ammar says:

    i do all the staff step by step but my etwork is unstable comes and go what should i do?
    and my phone is tethered

  107. PoxyEdit says:

    The firmwware files seem to only work for a mac? when I download it and unzip, redsnow doesn’t recognize the file. Please Help. tia

  108. Selena says:

    I have got an iPhone3Gs version 5.1.1.I am unable to activate it so according to the video I have downloaded both Redsn0w 0.9.10b6 (Windows) and iPhone 3GS 5.1 Firmware.Then following what you said when I press Select IPSW from redsnow and select iPhone 3GS 5.1 Firmware,it says ‘that IPSW is not supported by this version of resnow’!! Please help me out as soon as possible! !!
    Thank You!

  109. doggah says:

    Great instructions. I just can’t get my iPhone 3GS into DFU mode!

    Phone info:
    Device model: MC131KS/A – iPhone3GS
    Installed firmware: 5.1.1
    Baseband: 05.16.05-6.4_M3S2
    ECID(Dec): 2451790044463 ECID(Hex)23ADA131D2F
    Serial: 82939GE03NP

    I have tried forcing it to DFU mode through Redsn0w but that does not work. I get error messages about incomplete iTunes library although my iTunes is fully up to date and new version available.

    If anyone has any advise for me, it would be much appreciated.

  110. Selena says:

    someone please HELP ! :s

  111. cara says:

    Hi – I just jail broke my 3GS iPhone 5.1.1 version and installed cydia. I jail broke with: iPhone2,1_5.1_9B176_Restore and redsn0w_mac_0-1.9.10b6. After jail breaking, I installed Rocky raccoon 5.1.1 untethered and Ultrasn0w. but when I put the SIM card in, it searches and then says ‘No service’.

    – I don’t get any error message when I unlock the phone.
    – The modem firmware is 05.16.05
    – The iPhone is 3GS.
    – It is version 5.1.1 (9B206)
    – The serial number doesn’t have any 9 in it, so I said yes for ‘fixed’

    I jail broke it on my mac laptop.

    Can you help?


  112. Faseel says:

    i am using iPHONE 4 5.1.1 .

    When i extracted this file – iPhone3,1_5.1_9B176_Restore.zip
    no ipsw file was found.


    • Goza says:

      I am going to be no help on this post because I am having the same problem.
      When I extract the files, I can’t find the ipsw file.

      Thanks for the help!

  113. james says:

    Hi, I have iphone4 and i have restore it with the lastest ios version iPhone3,1_5.1.1_9B208, can you help me to hacktivate and jailbreak please.

  114. lisa says:

    hey how come it all works up to when i come to just boot my iphone i do what it says then when it starts to identify it, something shows up saying there is a problem and windows will try seeing what the problem is and i downloaded the iphone 4 firmware because i have an iphone 4 and when u said that something should show up saying if it is a new model or old that we should read the constructions, that part didnt show up on my laptop can u help anyhow???

  115. lisa says:

    and plz send me back by today

  116. Brazil says:

    Really, really helpful! Thanks a lot, I was almost giving up…

  117. notworkingiphone says:

    i am using windows 7 and have got a iphone 4 iOS5.1.1. i did everything as u say but when i try to open the ispw something else comes up for me. instead of what u got, the file opened and went deeper into the file, there was file in it called firmware which had 3 other files in it. Can somebody help plz?

  118. please-help says:

    please can u email the steps to me at secretlover124@ymail.com and any links i will need for downloading

  119. tom says:

    i using iphone 4s.. i try stuck after ispw ! it did not ask me the bootram or anything. why ? can you help me please ?

  120. Sanjay says:

    Thanks Man you save my life thank u so much……..
    it works for me

  121. glennOfPh. says:

    hi it worked for my 3gs 5.1.1 but i also had to update its Bb from 5.16.05 to the IpadBb to unlock it.what are other possible consenques now that im using ipad Bb?..thank you this was very helpful..

  122. DRizzay says:

    your a fucking legend!!!

  123. Kenneth (Philippines) says:


  124. JJH says:

    my phone is always stuck on no service, it never says no sim.. i tried to proceed anyway but it doesnt work an error message comes up to the stage where i try and jail break it.. it says unable to recognize specified isw…

    help !

  125. chantrea says:

    Does this method work for iphone 4 ISO 5.1.1 baseband 04.12.01?

  126. denrele says:

    but how do i unolock to use any sim. i am getting the no service

  127. Nixo says:

    i was on ios 4.1 on my 3gs and something happened. was stuck on apple logo.Upgraded to 5.1.1 them did an untethered jailbreak using snowbreeze. it worked jst fine. now i’m stuck on no service issue.have done everything in cydia with downloading the fixer for 5.1.1 and ultrasnow. STILL NO SERVICE. HELP!

  128. caloysquad says:

    Gudeve. I’m from Philippines. I have a iphone 3gs version 5.1.1 and It’s jailbroken. What I did is, I restored it on official 5.1.1 version, then when I try to use ultrasn0w or absinthe or snowbreeze for jailbreak, it does jailbreak the phone, but the thing is, it has no service, and it keeps on searching and I noticed my “ICCD: No Sim”, but when I turn on and off the airplane mode “ICDD numbers will appear. My iphone is new bootrom, and still no signal or service, just searching and after awhile “no service” Can you please help me on what to do and how to do it?

    • caloysquad says:

      Gudeve. I’m from Philippines. I have a iphone 3gs version 5.1.1 and It’s jailbroken. What I did is, I restored it on official 5.1.1 version, then when I try to use ultrasn0w or absinthe or snowbreeze for jailbreak, it does jailbreak the phone, but the thing is, it has no service, and it keeps on searching and I noticed my “ICCD: No Sim”, but when I turn on and off the airplane mode “ICDD numbers will appear. My iphone is new bootrom, and still no signal or service, just searching and after awhile “no service” Can you please help me on what to do and how to do it?

      **btw my baseband is 06.15.00

  129. paschalis says:

    i have iphone 3gs ios 5.1.1 and it does not recognise my sim card HELP

  130. Raminder singh says:

    Thanks,it worked for me.I have no paypal account ,otherwise donation was must.
    anyway thanks again.

  131. Ahmed says:

    pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee help me sir i have iPhone 4 and base band is 4.12.01 and how can i unlock it for using any sim in it please save my iPhones life please please please othervise my cousing bring it back to uk from where he buy this phone for me pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee help me :((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( i tried so many procedures to unlock but all in vain due to Base Band 4.12.01

  132. Ahmed says:

    Waiting for your life saver reply 🙁 🙁 🙁

  133. akash says:

    i followed the steps but when it rebootet i got only youtupe ,mail and cydia no appstore no saari noting and when i restart my iphone it go the whole time on aapple logo also after rebooting the iphone i didnt get any steps to choose like from
    setting like new iphone and other step help please have iphone 3gs and 5.1.1
    thnx sorry for bad english:)

  134. akash says:

    i followed the steps but when it rebootet i got only youtupe ,mail and cydia no appstore no saari noting and when i restart my iphone it go the whole time on aapple logo also after rebooting the iphone i didnt get any steps to choose like from
    setting like new iphone and other step help please have iphone 3gs and 5.1.1
    thnx sorry for bad english:)??

  135. atef says:

    i cant find ipsw. extention in my windows i extracted the zip file but its not ipsw so, i cant activate the phone to start jailbreaking

  136. Nixo says:

    mail me ur 3gs probs like not jailbreaking, booting after turning nde fond and odas.

  137. Nixo says:

    mail me ur 3gs probs like not jailbreaking, booting after turning nde fond and odas.

  138. Nixo says:

    i’m jst stuck on unlockin d my 3gs

  139. lakshay says:

    so i downloaded everythign here and now i am stuck at the just reboot part. it wont go anywhere and it says unrecognized build, help me please.

  140. Sammy says:

    Hai, i cant seem to get pass the DFU. The Apple sign doesnt go away and it just tells me that there are no devices or that i misunderstood the instructions. I been trying to get pass it for the pass hours. Can anyone help? i dont know why it wont shut down.

  141. Brusuki says:

    Ok So When I Go To Select IPSW It Says “That IPSW is not supported by this version of redsn0w” And Then It Has This Weird FingerPrint Message. Please Help! TTaTT

  142. Paul says:

    Didn’t work for me.

    iPhone 3GS 8GB with 5.1.1 installed, locked, unactivated and no SIM. 2011 manufacture year, so definitely newer version

    Downloaded selected 5.1 (not 5.1.1) 3GS firmware

    It always goes to completing first and second stage, then gives message: “exploit failed”

    Tried many times, carefully following instructions. Using Macbook running Snow Leopard and Redsn0w 0.9.14b2

    same problem each time

  143. Oscar says:

    i cant jailbreak my iphone 4 IOS 5.1.1…. its not activated and has no carrier installed.. when i plug in the iphone,, it detects the iphone’s version but the “Jailbreak” button is disabled.. what i have to do?

  144. Nixo says:

    Hi my 3gs 16GB running on 5.1.1cannot be unlocked. help!

  145. Sabin says:

    hey, there! My iphone 3GS stucked at apple logo after restoring and update! Itunes ask for sim… you got tO help me… how to activate my phone?

  146. Brian says:

    everything worked until the point where you press the “just reboot” button. iphone 4 on version 5.1.1

  147. Andrej says:

    Thanks works!!!

  148. Taha says:

    Hi i have a question wich firmware do i need to download if i have 4s ??

  149. iphone says:

    i downloaded the firmware but it is in a jzip file
    thanks for help though

  150. iphone4 says:

    how do you get ipsw

  151. Linc says:

    Did not work for me.
    The error message that I got is “That IPSW is not supported by this version of redsn0w”. I have followed and downloaded exactly the software provided. Helps please!

  152. bado says:

    when downloading redsnow what program file r file should it be through

  153. jmk says:

    i did it but its just showing the apple logo
    i got it to the running pineapple

  154. SURFGUY says:

    Does this work on IPHONE4S?

  155. charan says:

    i am trying lo unlock iphone 3gs making use of your videos and instructions
    i am done with the upgrading part of 5.1.1 but its not yet activated

    i have downloaded Redsn0w for windows 7, do i need to change the Compatibility Mode as “Windows 7”

    and there is a problem downloading the firmware 5.1.1 could you please send me a direct link for downloading 5.1.1

  156. George says:

    Got everything to work. Jailbreak and everything but when I put the sim card in (t mobile) it says it is invalid?

  157. gerald says:

    i have a verizon iphone 4 im going to jailbreak and hacktivate with this vid but i want to use my sprint account on this phone how do i do this?


  158. Rahil says:

    my ipad is not turning on it only shows apple logo

  159. janak says:

    After all the process while dooing reboot, my iphoe gets stuck in DFU mode and in redsnow its stuck in fetching required files

  160. Nathan says:

    i’m stuck with the apple logo for almost one and half hour. help?

  161. alika says:

    will this work on iphone 4s plz replyyyy p

  162. tallmike says:

    after i hackivate why can i only text other iphones

  163. louus says:

    why do I have to download the ios 5.1? Why it is need it? Thank you so much!

  164. viv says:

    Awesome video…it worked for me.. Thanks!!!!

  165. abc says:

    When I opened Redsnow an error pops and say “Certain operations (like the A5 jailbreak) are disabled due to incomplete iTunes libraries. Please be sure the latest iTunes is installed.”
    I just updated my iTunes yesterday, so I don’t know why it’s saying that…
    Please help

    • abc says:

      I just downloaded the redsnow_mac_0.9.14b2 and I don’t have the problem when i opened up redsnow, but now I have another problem:
      After opening redsnow 0.9.14b2, I hit “extra” and click the “select IPSW” and searched for the iPhone 3,1_5.1_9B176 (i downloaded the link that you have provided), an error pops up and says “That IPSW is not supported by this version of redsnow 🙁

  166. jesica says:

    hey i downloaded redsn0w ok i did that step & i downloaded the iPhone 4 5.1 Firmware but when i start doing your step when i click on the file iphone 4 5.1 it opens up into many files & i have to keep clicking to see which one is it but it turns out to be is none of them i need help im stuck

  167. Noob says:

    omg…I just JB my first iphone!!! you are amazing…thanks for the simple language and great instructions…


  168. yady says:

    please help
    i download redsnow 0.9.10.b6 i doble click and i go to extras but i dont have 5.1 how it shows in the video how do i find it

  169. yady says:

    please help
    i download redsnow 0.9.10.b6 i doble click and i go to extras and then select IPSW but i still dont have 5.1 how it shows in the video how do i find it please helppppppp

  170. JOHN Silverstein says:

    thanks dude this really worked straight thru.
    really awesome explanation very clear.
    thanks again

  171. Guy says:

    After my redsnow identifies the restore thingy the big file i click ok but it doesnt give me the page with new boot rom or old boot rom

  172. ruby says:

    Hi, i need to activate my iphone 3gs running 5.1.1 but even when it has no sim card inserted it says ‘no service’ instead of ‘no sim’. will this make a difference when activating it#?

  173. Avinash says:

    just so helpful..No words would suffice..thanx a ton..love it and absolutely delighted..

  174. RaSAip3gs says:


    I followed the steps, but when it asks if i have a newer model and i say yes then after jailbraking it says : exploit failed. When I say no it says that the device doesn’t support unthethered options. What can I do. Plz help

  175. Dunn says:

    Please wait while your build is being processed
    Exploiting with limera 1n
    Can anyone tell me how long this will be ? I think I get stuck in this part.
    Any help will be appreciated
    Best regards

  176. florid says:

    this worked awsome but it wont recognizem my sim card what to do

  177. packe says:

    do you need winrar or winzip for this?

  178. Pardeep says:

    my iPhone 3gs hv bean stuck on tht black booting screen.. now it is not turning off.. wht do i do now.. its jst showing tht black screen with tht white booting information…

  179. Pardeep says:

    finally it started and i get started to use iPhone, but when i swtched off it n thn turned it on, it stuck on apple logo.. wht is this now.. plsss tell me wht i do now???

  180. Antonius says:

    So if I do all of this, am I able to insert a simcard and be able to call and stuff?

  181. hakan says:

    a million thanks for yr help 🙂

  182. Pablo says:


    The process worked for me but before doing the jailbreak unthenderet i tried to get my iCloud copy singing in to it.
    Now the iPhone shows the apple with a bar below that wont load.

    Don’t know what to do, is there any other way to restore the iPhone? Don’t know how to make it work again =(

  183. Luciano says:

    Hi i have a problem, when i try to use the ‘SELECT IPWS’ i cant find the iphone 4 5.1 i DID download it and when i manually open the iphone4 5.1 ipsw it is a zip file. i have NO idea what to do now please help. (Im using windows BTW)

  184. SensE says:

    it said exploit failed. what should I do?

  185. benny says:

    so it didn’t work because every time i click jailbreak, it says “already jailbroken with rocky raccoon”, now i had no previous knowledge that this iPhone was jailbroken previously since it was a gift from my dad. what u suppose i do? how can i unjailbreak my iPhone 3gs with the 5.1 IOS update?

  186. mio says:

    Hello, I followed your video (and thanks!) but what isn’t actualy working is the Ultrasn0w unlock (firmware 6.15, version 5.1.1 (9B206), says No SIM), after jailbreak I installed the Rocky Racoon, then Ultrasn0w, then the fixer, I even used the url (repo666…) but nothing works… I’d die to have my old carier back o(╥﹏╥)o

    • alex says:

      Hi mio,
      same thing over here, i’d kill that finger that pressed update last month now i have a brick for my wall….
      Did the same stuff u’ve done an that the video described but nothing, and bellieve me i’ve tryed everithing, i even re-downgraded the thing but nothing, if someone up there has a magic wond i sure do need it!

      Thanks for the help so far….

  187. maddy says:

    hello i was just wondering whether this works for the first generation iphone?

  188. benny says:

    OMG! thank you so much, I’m definitely donating because ur a freakin genius, my phone is completely good to go now, i just have some few questions. What happens if i were to insert my previous sim card back on this phone? how come i am unable to make any calls?

  189. aka22 says:

    I tried it everything went good until the uploading data to the ram of my ihpone the white letters on my iphone kept going down until it says errot and stops. what do i do from here! it doens”t do anything now.

  190. aka22 says:

    i have done it. what i did is recover via itunes and then it will as it was first. then you go the process all over again. and when you are ready to reboot it untethered for me it stopped with limena or whatever it was. then you cancel en do dfu mode all over again without plug the iphone out. leave it plugged in en do the dfu mode over again and then the pineapple wil appear . once that happened you just have to wait and follow the instructions on your iphone. I hope evryone understand and so not ask me it you need help!

  191. COOLBAD says:

    i have a iphone 4s and it wont activate at all, or jail break. HELP

  192. jason says:

    Great,easy instructions,thanks dude,will definitely subscribe!

  193. Anux says:

    When i did the select ipsw i did that it said succesfully identified but after that it didnt say anything about the bootrom it just skipped that part, should i just go back and click jailbreak?

  194. Maria says:

    It is telling me that my iphone is already jailbroken but it still shows the SIM not valid screen …. What do I do 🙁

  195. will says:

    How do i get my phone to go into DFU mode and not recovery mode, everytime i follow your steps it takes it to recovery mode? how do i change that?

  196. oscar says:

    hey when i go to select ispw there is no files found cant continue what did i download wrong im on win 7

  197. Amy says:

    Hi I downloaded and got to the point where you select IPSW.. when I find Iphone2,1_5.1_9B176_restore.ip sw. When I hit open (on my MAC) it says Unsupported IPSW
    then that IPSW is not supportedby this version of redsnow
    then fingerprint bunch of letters.
    I downloaded the latest version of redsnow 0.9.14b2 as well and that did not work! Please help Thanks!

  198. Eric says:

    why is my cydia not finding rocky ?

  199. mister W says:

    super sache hat wunderbar funktioniert

  200. Rasta Bongo says:

    After this routine, are there any complications when updates occur through iTunes? Also, after this routine, can I still restore the phone (4) from a back-up from my previous iPhone(3GS)? Thank you.

  201. matt hamon says:

    please help!! it didnt work now it just shows the apple logo and wont let me do anything plus my itunes doesnt reconize it what do i do??? please please help me!!!!

  202. Pam says:

    I downloaded redsn0w 0.9.10b6 and tried on 0.9.14b2 and in both cases when i do the IPSW step, it says not supported by this version….

  203. Logan says:

    Does this process not work with iPhone 4S? I followed everything you said but it’s not working

  204. jiks says:

    I have upgraded my iphone 4 to 5.1.1. I don’t have original SIM card so I am stuck on activation screen. I have tried this solution but for me call fails immediately. I tried lots of times but call fails immediately after I dial emergency number.
    Does anybody know solution to it??? Thanks in advance for your help

  205. Mike says:

    Hi, I followed your steps to hactivate my iphone 3gs 5.1.1 It all goes to plan until when umm after DFU mode I follow all the steps and when redsnow indicates (Rebooting) red snow keeps saying exploit failed? I dont know what the problem is can u help please?

  206. diane says:

    i wanna thank you for this. it did unlock my iphone ; but the problem is, it still say no service. how can i acktivate my sim card?. please help thaNKs

  207. esta says:

    Wow…it worked!! After a few attempts i finally got it! Thankyou so much. 🙂

  208. havokk says:

    when i downloaded the ipsw it was as a zip if i unzip rednow does not give me option to select file i downloaded someone help me pls asap

  209. mish says:

    thank you!!! this saved me! where can i make a donation?

  210. YB says:

    how to solve exploit fail??

  211. Emma says:

    Hi there! Trying to hacktivate my 3gs on my pc. Downloaded the correct programs from the links above, but the firmware file, once unzipped, seems to be all DMG files and a few other unrecognizable things. So when I go to select an ispw through redsn0w, nothing shows up as an option because there is nothing saved as an .ispw. Any thoughts? Thanks!

    • jared says:

      I am having the same issue. i dont understand why someone cannot reply to one of these threads several people apparently are having this issue

  212. Will hartley says:

    Im trying to run a roshon sim card and its telling me size mismatch when i down load ultrasn0w. How can I run this sim card on my iPhone?

    • Will hartley says:

      Got the Ultrasnow to work after a few attempts but not its just searching…. and nothing else. i red somewhere that I need to change my APN to something else is this true and if so what do i need to change it to?

  213. kassie says:

    after my phone the jail brake n tattered stuff it rebooted as he said it would, choose the language the country but then it gets to the activate ur iphone part which did not skip n its still saying cannot activate iphone!!! what do i do????

  214. Ryan says:

    i downloaded the correct version of redsnow and firmware but redsnow keeps getting shut down after th screen says, “uploading first stage”??? idk how but i got past that and it did everything in the video untill it was done the “matrix screen” it the just said the phone needed to be activated….. im lost right now as to how to fix this issue
    please, i need help

  215. yasmin says:

    Hi we have done till the point where u choose the internet then it comes up with a message saying “your iphone could not be activated because the activation service is temporarily unavailable try connecting ur iphone to itunes to activate it or try again in a couple of minutes if this problem persists contact apple support at apple.com/support”
    we tried lots of time but not working we have internet so frustrating:(

  216. Elie says:

    will this process work on a customized IPSW to preseve baseband ?

  217. ahmed says:

    thank you very much ..

    my 3GS has worked after 5 hrs of trying to pass the welcome screen ..

    especially after your replay

    “goto properties-compatibilty-select run this program in compatiblity mode for windows XP service pack 2. Also enable administrator mode”

    thumbs up

  218. iphone says:

    I have a mac and it it will not allow me to download the 5.1 version. It keeps downloading as restore but will not open. Any suggestions?

  219. Paula says:

    My phone has been unlocked and jailbreaked, then restored to factory settings and now I am trying to jailbreak and unlock it again.

    I´ve followed the steps in the video but when I get to Set up the Iphone after the wi-fi set up it directs me straight to Activating Iphone, then reads “Activation Failed”
    It requests to insert a sim card, if I do it it says it is not recognized.

    I just bought the phone, it is new, I an pretty sure it is a new version but I cannot check the settings to confirm it. I´ve done all as if new.

    Pls help me with a solution!

  220. mark carr says:

    Hi, after you do all that, are you then able to update or what?

    please reply

  221. Dan Wavell says:

    Hi, I’ve downloaded the 5.1 3GS IPSW file to my Windows 7 PC using the link you provided, but it would seem this gives me a whole collection of files with the main ones being .dmg files. I have a program to mount this and get the cotents, but it says it’s encrypted and needs a password? Any ideas? Kind of stuck now!



  222. mg says:

    mine just say Transfering control to jailbreak dyld code signature for cach failed with error =7

  223. Amber says:

    Hi have you got an article on how to hacktivate iPhone 4 iOS 6.0 BB 04.12.02 ????

  224. ed says:

    Jailbroke and activated without a sim card thanks a lot
    but it wont unlock. I have tried all that i read here
    Any further unlocking help please?

  225. Scarlett says:

    I’ve downloaded all that I need, but when I go to select the IPSW file, it doesn’t appear. For some reason, even though it is a IPSW file, the file won’t show up. Any help on how to have it appear?

  226. jack says:

    well i had the same but when you download it drag the file to downloads and when you tap IPWS file it will appear

  227. AppleADdict says:

    thank you so much bro.. 100% WORKING …

  228. PJ says:

    Thanks a lot.. have spend last week trying to hactivate my Iphone 4.. was struggling to get it done.. this is the place i recommend .. it worked like a champ for me.

  229. Ampher4 says:

    I’m trying to update to 5.1.1 from 5.1 04.12.01 using redsn0w, but every time I run through the process. The phone stays on 5.1 04.12.01. This phone has been factory unlocked. I tried to use absinthe win 2.0.4 but iy says unable to break. Without 5.1.1 I’m unable to install rocky raccoon. Definately need help…Plz!!!

  230. Choitma says:

    My iphone keep on going into normal mode instead of DFU mode and I can’t activate my iphone. I need helpppppppppppppp Thank you… :D:D:D

  231. lissette says:

    When i try puting the phone in DFU mode it goes to recovery mode and i cant do anything at all help!!!!!!

  232. zan says:

    i got problem with usb communication.. cannot go through in dfu mode…

  233. zan says:

    still usb communication problem…

  234. Hélène D says:

    Hi ! My name is Hélène and first thank you very much for the video it helped me “hacktivate” my iphone 4 (5.1.1) !

    But still I encounter the “no service” issue and I do not understand why it does that, do you have the method to make it work ?

    I know for sure my sim card works (I tried it on my old blackberry).

    Thanks in advance !

  235. jordan says:

    hi how long does take to finish the tethering part??

  236. s1234 says:

    how do i check what i0S my iphone is running on without going to settings since i cant get past the activation screen

  237. Reena says:

    I had done everything it said in the video and it was a success. But when the iPhone turned on, i checked the wifi, language, etc. and after the picking the wifi, i clicked next from the upper right corner and it went back to the “Activating your iPhone” and it was loading. Then it still wasn’t activating. What should I do? 😐

  238. sawa says:

    on the jail breaking partg after i entered DFU mode…it says “device doesn’t support untethwewd mode”

  239. sam says:

    that was perfect thanks heaps!!

  240. olgadevolga says:

    thanks so much, it all worked very well on my iphone!!! and was very easy to follow your instructions! +++ thank you!!!

  241. volt_tech says:

    dyld: code signature for shared cache with errno=7
    iphone 4 i had the activation setup screen like in this video so i wanna try but am stk

  242. EDONNA says:

    I viewed your video, but the process didn’t work for me. It appeared it got stuck during jail break. I have a 3gs later model that wont allow for untethered break. The message I got during my second attempt at jail break said ” missing keys.plist data for this build:
    Device: iPhone 3gs
    ECID: 2909321612622
    Build: iPhone2,1._6.0.1.1_10A523
    Can you help! Your site and links are the most straightforward links I have encountered. Thank you for your clarity and professionalism.

  243. lenny says:

    this dont work… did everything he said step by step my ios never changed from 5.1.1 to 5.1 still on 5.1.1 and still no service.. when i put the sim in

  244. Amy says:

    I’m working off a mac computer and am using ipsw 5.1 and redsn0w 0.9.11 b4 as I saw that one of the comments recommended you use that if it said ‘searching..’ not ‘no sim’. i tried 0.9.10 b6 but i had exactly the same problem I am now.. right after the jailbreak part instead of the apple logo it reboots with a black screen with white writing.

    • Amy says:

      okay so it eventually got past the black screen thing but then it just went back to that initial activation screen so it wouldn’t let me do the ‘just boot’ thing and when i tried and did the DFU thing it just said
      “unrecognised build, fingerprint: 071daefbb9fe3e06735d9464f25c07ff”

  245. pasindu says:

    hi siva,

    i just install every thing what you say.but my version is not 5.1.1 it’s 5.1.so how can i get 5.1.1 version to my iphone 4.please reply soon as possible.


  246. RainahGrassmann says:

    This didn’t work on my iphone 3 gs. It says that it still will not activate. Is there any way that I could get some help with this?

  247. Nat says:

    I tried it and I get this error on my phone
    dyld: code signature for shared chache failed with errno=7
    Anything I can do about this?

  248. varunil says:

    it gave me error 11

  249. Nic says:

    where is the .ISPW?

    When i downlaod the firmware it is in .zip -.-

  250. Jayvee says:

    i did all the steps but the apple logo didnt come up, instead it got stuck on the tethering and it says ” transferring control to jailbreak code signature cache failed with errno=7″
    what should i do?

  251. alex says:

    i cant get on safari i want 2 know y Dx

  252. Haseeb says:

    hey i did the steps but it says that i have some missing keys.plist data for this build:
    Device: iPhone 3GS
    Build: iPhone2,1_6.0.1_10A523

  253. Jai says:

    my ispw is not being identified so i went to just boot and it keeps saying unidentified build

  254. eshaq says:

    i dont all but it says code signature for shared cache failed with errno=7? how do i fix tht

  255. Ufuk ÇINAR says:

    thanks man i love you serious you survive me 🙂

    thanks thanks thanks 🙂

    Allah razı olsun kardeşim 🙂 (God bless you)

  256. nick says:

    hay man thanks a lot after lots of try i am able to get back my iphone 3g jailbrak i have just download 4.2.1 and follow the same and can able to do that.

    thanks a lot it working 🙂

  257. Dustin says:

    I have been on the waiting to reboot screen for over an hour now. Is that normal or did this soab freeze?

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