If you updated your unlocked iPhone 3GS to iOS6 and had the iPad baseband and noticed that you lost your signal and your iPhone wont activate then follow this guide to get your iPhone up and running in no time. The directions are very slow and clear so you dont get lost during the process.

Download Links:
iPhone 3GS 6.0 Firmware File

Redsn0w 0.9.15b2 – Mac

Redsn0w 0.9.15b2 – Windows


134 Responses to “How To: Fix iPhone 3GS 6.0 “No Service” and “Searching…” 6.15.00!”

  1. GUS says:

    want should i do if i have a neww fixed bootroom my serial is xxx146 so its week 46 2011! should i proced with the jailbreack or do i have to do something else? plz help thx

  2. Gary says:

    i dont this but it wasnt succesfully identified yet i aint done anything wrong i just downloaded the two things snf opened up extras

  3. Abhilasha says:


    i did all u said but still no service . moreover cydia is not opening up anymore . please help

  4. Patrick says:

    Did all that you said and it still doesn’t recognize the sim card…just says it’s searching….any help at all would be great!

  5. Abhilasha says:

    I did all that is mentioned in the video .. my sim got detected and phone worked perfectly .. but when i switched it off and turned on again then again the no service problem was there and cydia failed to launch .. is there a way to overcome this problem?

  6. Pa1 says:

    Getting the allocate 233 error in redsn0w please help.
    m on 3gs with old BR

  7. kwl3j says:

    Did all that you said and it still no service and wifi is turn off…just says it’s searching….any help at all would be great!

  8. Pa1 says:

    issue solved…first do cydia and on second attempt do BB..done…

  9. hurf27 says:

    Amazing!! I stupidly forgot I’d unlocked my old 3GS and updated to ios6 via itunes this morning. I was sure I’d bricked it.

    For all of the people who are getting the ‘no service’ and ‘searching’ messages you will need to turn off the iPhone and ‘just boot tethered’ via Redsn0w one last time. et voila.

    Also, you will need to ‘just boot tethered’ from Redsn0w every time the phone is turned off.

    • Elvind says:

      Thanks God for your information there… you totally save me form spend money to sent my phone for repaired….
      Thank You Very Much For You And This Website http://ihelpcorner.com….

    • Peter says:

      Thanks for this info… that solved my problem… But the solution and youtube lesson specifically says this is an un tethered unlock. So I am wondering still if there is something we are not doing right. I would love if IAN could comments here for us. thanks.!!

  10. ElCangri says:

    When I try to jailbreak my 3GS and go through the process to enter into DFU mode RedSn0w says “allocate (233)” and it must exit. What do I do now???? Please help. Thanks

  11. JT says:

    IS they any way if the phone is turned of it wont go to no service

  12. Markyboy says:

    Hi! i did the steps, but still i cant find a signel to my tmobile network…and also btw, i can’t find the repo that u asked me to, but i already installed the ultrasnow in my iphone.

  13. bharath says:

    I am getting ”allocate 233 & red snow must exit..what should i do now, pls help.

  14. Elvind says:

    I have following all your step on the video… And I successfully installed cydia, ultrasnow and ultrasnow fixer of 6.0… but still my phone show “No Service” when i inserted a simcard…. what should i do?

  15. Peter says:

    Ian, thanks for the help here…. I went through the process and my iphone now see’s the SIM card and I have service. But when I turn off the phone and restart it, I lose it all. I then need to reboot it tethered .

    Is this jailbreak just a tethered jailbreak?

  16. Peter says:

    The youtube lesson says this is an un tethered unlock. So I am wondering still if there is something we are not doing right. I would love if IAN could comment here for us. thanks Ian. How do we make it an untethered unlock…so I dont have to re-run redsnow every time my iphone powers down.

  17. nida says:

    thank you so so so much u saved me

  18. kunal says:

    I am getting the errror ipad baseband failed.Could you please help.

  19. mark says:

    after succesfully getting in DFU mode, its stuck in
    “Fetching Baseband files(please be patient)…”?
    can somebody help me?

  20. Oli says:

    Hi,im not able to enter in DFU mode.
    Please help me, I follow the instructions but not success

  21. George says:

    There’s no problem installing the ipad baseband in a new bootrom 3gs? You’re sure it won’t brick?

  22. Nik says:

    why it say missing keys when i do just boot.

  23. Omar says:

    How can I do this jailbreak if my iphone has ios iPhone2,1_6.0.1_10A523_Restore because redsn0w gives me an error with the fingerprint..

  24. Marco says:

    How can I do this jailbreak if my iphone has ios iPhone2,1_6.0.1_10A523_Restore because redsn0w gives me an error with the fingerprint..


  25. Julius says:

    Hi if i try to do that in windows7 i get mesage at that IPSW is not supported by this version of redsnow. What to do?

  26. James says:

    My iphone 3GS is already update to IOS 6.0.1. When I did thejustboot process, it says Missing Keys.plist data for this build.. What should I do?
    Any help will be greatful..thanks

  27. blade says:

    works for me but … i can’t send or receive txt msgs. sendings fails everytime, when i get msg i recieve unkonown number and no txt i msg. strange thing 🙂

    • jayce says:

      I also have the same problem. It worked for me but I can’t send nor receive a “real” message. I got messages only from “unknown.” Can you help me with this pls? Thanks!

  28. STRdrum says:

    After clicking on Just Boot I do not see the pineapple on my iPhone. it shows missing Keys.plistdats for this build: anyone know what I can do next?

  29. Kleosbet says:

    i see the same problem…. missing keys.plist data for this build 🙁
    please help……

  30. Kleosbet says:

    For everyone with the MISSING KEYS.PLIST ERROR
    1. Exit redsn0w and turn off your phone and unplug it
    2. Plug your phone back in and then enter DFU mode without opening redsn0w yet. DFU=(3 sec lock button, 10 sec home and lock button, 15 second just home button).
    3. Once in DFU mode, find redsn0w on your computer, right click on it and take ownership/run as administrator!
    4. Open redsn0w, go to Extras>>Select IPSW>> select the 6.0 IPSW.
    5. Go back, Jailbreak! let it do its thing and install cydia and then once the jailbreak is done and phone booted on, turn off your phone.
    6. Exit redsn0w, unplug your device, plug it back in and put the phone into DFU mode! Open redsn0w!
    7. In redsn0w go to extras>>select IPSW (6.0).
    8. Extras>>Just Boot>> This is the only fix for the missing keys.plist error!!


  31. sawa says:

    i’m getting a blank screen when i boot tethered..please help what to do next??

  32. Venkat says:

    After jail break, these fixes solved my issues
    1. For Missing keys.plist data for this build: Restart PC, start redsnow, select IOS 6.0 Firmware File, Just Boot will work now as described above

    2. Even after “just boot” process succeeded, no service problem remains. FIX: Again do JUST BOOT from redsnow as described above. Then Network will be detected and that saved my day and Iphone.


  33. Danny says:

    I keep getting a “this ipsw is not supported by this version of redsn0w..”

  34. john miller says:

    hi done all u said but boot fails and cydia does not come on to my ph thanks

  35. ilyas says:

    thk u very much i hv done all the steps bt inside the cidia when i go ,source then add after that i write ribo.iparelhos during process their is some errors occuring how can i fix these pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaz help help help

  36. Chaitra says:

    The second dfu process does not work, how important is it and how do I get to do it right

  37. haseebls says:

    im not getting through helppppppppppppppppp hav an iphone 4 and having the same problem

  38. Rue says:

    I have a 3GS, able to jailbreak no problem but when I go to “Just Reboot” at the 5:38 mark I get this message:

    “Missing Keys.plist data for this build:

    Device: iPhone 3GS
    ECID: 3370577221071
    Build: iPhone2,1_6.o.1_10A523”

    How can I install Cydia? Thanks!

  39. lmr says:

    I downloaded the firmware file but when Im on redsnow and I click select ipsw and select the firmware it doesnt recognize it. help!!please!

  40. riko says:

    Hi lmrm
    just choose 6.0 firmware when you select ipsw

  41. Vinod says:

    Hi I have done as per instructions provided. Both the pineapples appeared 🙂 however when i try to load cydia – message appears “unable to load” (the internet connection appears to be offline)…your help would be highly appreciated Thanks in advance

  42. Oma says:

    Please I tried all this and it is working. Thanks for the great info. However, each time, the phone goes off and comes on, it goes out of service. Please what can be done?

  43. May Susan says:

    Thank you so much my daughters iphone already got a signal after following all your instructions.. Your the Best.. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year..

  44. bradley says:

    unable to install cydia says internet connection offline help plzz

  45. Salman says:

    Im also facing problem. i jailbroked my iphone 3gs to ios 6.0 and im wondering that my device shows that it is using 6.0.1. and there is no signals mean no signals. and cydia is not working as well. any body please help.

  46. Jodie baker says:

    Hi I got my daughter a iPhone 3 gs for Xmas and was told it has not been jail break so to my disappointment when I connected it to iTunes and rebooted it to the upgraded it to 6.0.1 it’s would not allow me to go past the activating page , u can image I was really pissed off , but after seeing this guy I have now got it back to factory settings and all working great apart from now whatever SIM card I put in the iPhone it’s saying no service !!!!! Do I now put jailbreak on the phone or leave it….?.???? Please any advice thank u

  47. kandesigner says:

    You rocks man! THX

  48. alejo says:

    well done men!!! i have passed 3 days trying to fix this…

  49. geo says:

    hi, i have done all the things taught in the video and jailbreak is successful with cydia working. But each time cydia begin to koad, my phone restarts and i have to boot thethered again.

    Please can anyone help me….

  50. Lyne says:

    I had the message ‘missing keys’ and i followed your instructions: it worked!! but know it seems to be in a loop: always waiting for reboot…. Please help

  51. Helen says:

    as soon as my phone finished the jailbreak process it went back to display “iOS 6” “connect to iTunes” again. I tried starting over several times but nothing works. HELPPPPP

  52. anonymous says:

    That is work fine and I have a sevices but when I sweched off they still no services and cydia not work plz somene tell me how to repair that problem
    thnks 😀

  53. jay says:

    i had a battery replaced on 3gs and now i have no service or searching… but when i take the simcard out, the phone says no sim. should i still do this process to fix the phone or does something else need done? thanks

  54. Rue says:

    Doing these steps, I get to the 5:43 mark in the video (rebooting) but I get an error in Redsnows screen, this is the error I get…

    Missing Keys.plist data for this build:

    Device: iPhone 3GS
    ECID: 3370577221071
    Build: iPhone2,1_6.0.1_10A523

    I also looked on my iPhone and Cydia was NOT installed, is there another way to install Cydia?
    Any advice on how to fix this?

  55. godwin says:

    hi there just wanted to know if the no service/ searching fix applies to ios 6.1???? thnx

  56. jimi says:

    How do I determine from my serial number if I have an old or new bootrom? The description within redsnow after I click to choose IPSW a message box appears asking if my 3GS is a new model or not coz I have to determine if I have a new or old bootrom. The method is just not very clear. Please, any smart person out there, a little help. I’m about to give up on the phone and just turn it into a paperweight lol.

    Also, I’ve been stuck on the “cannot activate the phone because the server isn’t available”. I’ve tried jailbreaking, downgrading, restoring to another IPSW, nothing worked. Incidentally, the redsnow I downloaded from Ian’s link wouldn’t recognise the IPSW 6.0 or 6.1. Where to go from there? If I’m not gonna be good enuff for this phone, then iPhone isn’t gonna be good enuff for me.

  57. jimi says:

    Incidentally, there are other sites that say “no activation, no jailbreaking” and one cannot install cydia either without the first two I just mentioned. WHAAAT??? So where to go from there?

  58. alpha says:

    hi, thanks for all your idea it really work but after have jailbreak my iphone3gs and install cydia following all your steps on how to install ultrasn0w and ultrasn0w fix. am still unable to get signal of my phone.please what can i do.

  59. Helppls says:

    I cant add the repo because it is legacy but I did downlload ultrasn0w without fix and I can call but cant text. What do I do?

  60. John says:

    Hi, I downloaded all the files but in my desktop dont have the option of the 3GS firm file like yours, when I open redsnow I dont get the same icon that you have on the Firm File… what am I doing wrong.


  61. david says:

    hi Ian, i followed your instruction, did everything as told. and now i cant send sms messages, it says “failed”. my iMessages is off, and still no sms sending.
    what can be the problem? maybe another cydia package missing?

    tnahk you very much,

  62. etienne says:

    Thanks Ian you’re my god for now on !

  63. ThaiWockeez says:

    Only for iphone 3gs

    step 1) Restore 6.1.2 using itunes

    2) After restoring 3gs stuck in recovery mode

    3) Open Redsn0w_win_0.9.15b3 —>Extras —>Select IPSW —> Select —>iPhone2,1_6.0_10A403_Restore.ipsw —>Select OK —> Back —>Jailbreak —> Only select Install Ipad baseband NOT cydia. DO NOT CHECK CYDIA!

    4) After complete. -> Your phone is Now Activate.

    5) Download Evasion 1.4 Jailbreak for iOS 6.1.2

    6) Now open Cydia—>manage and add there the Ultrasn0w Address rep0666.ultrasnow.com

    7) Install —>Ultrasnow


    • vishwanath says:

      Bro, Thank u so much, since trying so many methods and all stuff.. without sleep of 24 hours of the day…., ! awesome stuff u shown to me, and the experience is totally new and simple …. but a pinch got panicked but all gone well…..
      One more time thank u so much

      (hey Iphone 3gs) Guys follow this steps it works perFection! 😀

    • omoz says:

      i have done all your instruction but sadly the signal bar still states “No Service” and sometimes change to “Searching…” .
      Really need your reply.Pleaseee

    • Dimitrije says:

      i have ios 6.1.3 what do i do?

  64. I did everything that you did, but when i did the last part the “Just Boot Tethered Now” the pine apple did not show up, instead its just a black screen. What should i do? Whenever i reset it, it does not have cydia. I need Cydia to get my “No Service” Removed, i did this before but i upgraded to IOS 6.1.2, my phone is activated but i just can’t seem to get Cydia downloaded, help?!!

  65. michel says:

    hey i have an iphone 3gs running ios 6.0.1 and got searching issue
    i downloaded ios 6.0.1 frimware file and Redsn0w 0.9.15b2 – Windows
    when i open redsnow > extras>select ipsw
    it says

    that ipsw is not supported by this version of redsnow
    please help

  66. Rebecca Lage says:

    i did all your steps and when i put my sim in it says “sim fail” what do i do now????

  67. summer says:

    do i need to turn phone off before unstalling sim? then reboot using redsn0w?

  68. Jackie says:


    I did all the steps and it was unlocked. Everytime I turn it off, it says no service again and I have to restore and do the whole process over again. I also can’t send text messages and when I receive them its from “Unknown” and it’s just a blank message.

    Can someone please help!!

  69. Richa says:

    My screen at Redsnow is stuck at waiting for Reboot… what should i do….

  70. martin says:

    hi thanks for this wonderful help . i did what u said it worked excellent but sms application not working unable to send sms how to resolve my fone is 3gs and using chatr

  71. backd00r says:

    is this applicable to iphone 3G bb 3.1.3 whited00r 6 and jailbroken already.. pls email me and reply to this post…. asap

  72. mervin says:


    i already try all those instructions, but i always stuck on “processing” and then it will crash., anyone can help me please?.

    i have iphone 3gs/ 6.1.3

    Thanks in advance

  73. john says:

    after the small pineapple appear, tap home button and this shows “CONNECT TO ITUNES”.. when i connect to itunes, then suddenly it automatically reboot.. please help me..

  74. Al says:

    Hi im in the part of 5:27 of this video…and it doesnt boot up or it boots up longer?..

  75. Ben says:

    hi, thanks for the hacktivate video first of that worked awesomely but i’m having some issues fixing the no service glitch, it gets to the point where you go to the just boot step, it goes into DFU then redsn0w takes over but a few seconds later it just say’s exploit failed, I look forward to hearing from you, thanks

  76. Foot says:

    Same problem as many…the hacktivate works fine until I shut down the phone. Then I have to go through the whole process again. Does anyone know of an untethered fix for this?

  77. Andy Rod says:

    everytime I try doing this it says exploit failed 🙁 help please

  78. Saravanan says:

    It gets stuck on the second time with the redsnow, after i press “just boot” and put the phone in DFU mode it says on redsnow “waiting for reboot” and does nothing for a long time.

  79. Nigel says:

    Same Problem here. 🙁 Stuck on Waiting for reboot.
    Please Help…

  80. jyoti says:

    stck in waiting for rebbot

  81. Mike says:

    hi, can u please!! make a video showing how to fix no service on 6.1.3!! i really need my iphone to back alive live again.. Please! ThankS

  82. Rahul Shivhare says:

    I tried with ur way. but it is nt working. first step is working fine when I do just boot then it doesnt processing further. any other way to help me out.

  83. Jennifer says:

    Hi . My iphone 3gs keeps saying ‘No Service’ and ‘Searching’. I plugged it into my itunes to update it and install music and ive tried every sim card.
    What do i do?

  84. ali Imron says:

    very very very thankyu brother

  85. Dimitrije says:

    Hey my iphone 3gs is on IOS 6.1.3 what do i have to do?

  86. ahmed says:

    hey is there in solution for the ios 6.1.3 ??? as my phone is still showing no service, thanks

  87. peter says:

    my phone doesn’t get the pineapple and doesn’t reboot

  88. femi says:

    Hi guys, Please will this method work exactly for IPAD 2

  89. femi says:

    please guys how do i solve this “searching…” problem with my ipad2. It can’t read any sim card.

  90. Shashidhar says:

    Thanks for the post, worked for me.

  91. Hamad Yusuf says:

    What a video! Thank you so much. forever grateful.

  92. JC says:

    sir, here’s what happened to my iphone. after i installed the ipad baseband and cydia it was successful. but after that i proceeded to just boot theatered now. and after here’s what happened, my phone got no display and the program redsnow still running and it says waiting for reboot… and i waited for almost 2 hours nothing happen… was that normal or should i wait more than 2 hours? pls response sir i really need this phone back to normal. thank you….

  93. hannah says:

    it is great but my pictures and videos and all of my important documnts are not ther e how can i bring it back..

  94. Noemi says:

    Thank you soooo much! It really worked. I am not a power user and was able to follow all the steps and get my iphone working. I am very grateful.

  95. sad 3gs says:

    i did that three steps put it still said (that IPSW is not supported by this version of redsnow , please help
    1. Exit redsn0w and turn off your phone and unplug it
    2. Plug your phone back in and then enter DFU mode without opening redsn0w yet. DFU=(3 sec lock button, 10 sec home and lock button, 15 second just home button).
    3. Once in DFU mode, find redsn0w on your computer, right click on it and take ownership/run as administrator!

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