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Are you trying to activate your iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS, or 4 without a sim card?  Well you’re in luck; you can use redsn0w to accomplish just that on any version from 3.X.X -4.X.X.  Currently, iOS 5 is not supported with hacktivation.  Just follow the step by step tutorial below to get your iPhone up and running.  Alternatively, you can use any active/inactive sim card to activate the iPhone as long as it is the carrier the phone was originally locked to (in the USA, its AT&T).

Download Links:
Tinyumbrella (Windows)

Tinyumbrella (Mac)

Redsn0w (Find Your Corresponding Version)

Firmware Files – (Find Your Corresponding Version)


229 Responses to “How to: Hacktivate iPhone 2G/3G/3GS/4 without a sim card! ANY VERSION”

  1. S.T says:

    It worked, thanks

  2. Samiya says:

    thanks.. it works… 🙂

  3. Darrius says:

    Having issues with getting redsnow to browse and open up the firmware. I have downloaded all three versions I have and i phone 3 gs installed firmware 5.0.1. Can yo help?

    • Evaldas says:

      me too, and dont know what to do/!

      • Ashlee says:

        Number one, make sure you have the right firmware. Don’t automatically assume that it’s 5.0.1 firmware just because it’s the latest. In example: I’m going to download the 4.2.1 firmware for my iPhone 3G because that is the firmware it is currently running.

        Number two, I would advise that when you download the proper firmware for your iPhone, that the firmware be saved to your Desktop..That way it’ll be easier to find.

        Number three, make sure you have the proper version of Redsn0w. If you went to the link provided at the end of this article, you would have saw there’s different versions of Redsn0w available. I would suggest using Google to figure out which Redsn0w you should use for the version of your iPhone.

        Number four, if you did everything above that I recommended/suggested you’d do, then everything should be working perfectly and you should be back on track to unlocking/jailbreaking.

        Thanks for your time!

        • jr says:

          hey ashlee will u please help me i have the excat same phone as u so pease this is my first time and will u helppp thanks

    • grace says:

      this has now happened to me

  4. Bakmukund Sharma says:

    thanks buddy. i really appreciate your help. u r really a angel for me.

  5. Nikilash says:

    Please Help!!

    I have accidentally u pgraded my iphone4 to 5.0.1 and it was an locked phone. Now I got struck in a where it is asking for activation. Please help as you described in your video I am not able to find the table to find my version of redsn0w

    please help

  6. pamelita says:

    how i do it i can t please someone help me

  7. steve says:

    Followed your tutorial uploaded the tools needed to jail break phone, worked a treat!

  8. Ellie says:

    Having same problems as Darrius. Also a 3GS version 5.0.1 i really wanna fix my iphone. does anyone know what to do? is there another type of firmware i could try?

  9. max says:

    i have iphone4 and its 4.3.5 . i cant find redsnow .

  10. sarah says:

    ditto iphone 4 5.0.1 cant get past activation! Someone must know how to fix it???? 🙁

  11. frank says:

    success! 3gs/5.0.1 – using redsnow 0.9.10b3

  12. ivy says:

    I cannot find my firmware ipsw from redsnow…

  13. Sean says:

    Will this hack of the original IPhone allow you to use the phone on boostmobile?

  14. What an idea of hacking about Apple.

  15. nyrican says:

    Why am I not seeing “connected devices” on tiny umbrella??

  16. aj says:

    i cant open my firmware on redsnow help

  17. Lisa Winfred says:

    Very helpful stuff. Did not try this yet Would love to try this exceptional things.Would like to share also with another and suggest to another to take little visit in this impressive blog post.

  18. Victor says:

    Hi, I followed your Youtube steps, when it came to my Redsnow browsing for the firmware, it is not able to find it. I did download my firmware and unzipped the file. What am I doing wrong?



  19. gary rubio says:

    dude i accidentally upgraded to ios 5.o……. im on a 3g iphone……..i cant get past the activatrion screen

  20. supp says:

    please help me im on 3g i need activation i dont no wat link to click on

  21. Sasha says:

    does it actually work for iphone4? My phone is all new, and it won’t activate without the sim..

  22. Sasha says:

    Does this work for iphone 4? My phone is all new, when i turn it on it ask for the language and country stuff and then it won’t let me go to home screen without “sim card”
    i want to use t-mobile sim and would this work?

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  25. Artem says:


    TinyUmbrella v5.10.06 doesn’t see my iPhone. What should I do? Is there any other possibility to find Firmware version out?

    Thank you.

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  27. Bertha says:

    The blog is cool

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  29. Mark says:

    I have redsn0w and i used tiny umbrella and my iphone 2g is 3.1.3 so i got firmware as you suggested iphone1,1_3.1.3 and it wont download for me so can you send me another link?
    Also i actually cant get into the iphone with my sim card in it so i was wondering will it work when ( if ) i jailbreak it ?
    Help would be great…..

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  31. bodee henare says:

    i cant seem to complete th last step ! cant find that logo to complete the firmware ???? help !

  32. Evaldas says:

    Fcking thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. gioperex says:

    hi ,i need some help ,im running on iphone 3.1.3 and my screen goes black at the end for then 20 minutes

  34. Tech Buzzed says:

    It didnot work for me. I did all the correct steps. It did install the redSnow and Cydia but booted up in the end with the same error, need a valid SIM to activate. It never got to the screen after all the installs and booting up like shown in the video. what did I do wrong?
    My firmware version is 4.2.1 on 3G phone.

    • Jessica says:

      I’m soooo frustrated, It didnot work for me. I did all the correct steps. It did install the redSnow and Cydia but booted up in the end with the same error, need a valid SIM to activate. It never got to the screen after all the installs and booting up like shown in the video. what did I do wrong?
      My firmware version is 4.2.1 on 3G phone.
      Please reply!

  35. Tony says:

    But my Iphóne 3GS has firmvare 5.0.1 so when can I get Reds0w version for hakactivation.
    Thank you!

  36. Furanku says:

    bajo la aplicación y a la hora de instalarlo se produce error, lo baje varias veces y aún no me funcionó! que debo hacer? quiero reparar ya este iphone!

  37. arjay says:

    help please about 3.1.3

  38. Joe says:

    I have a 2g with 3.1.3 firmware and Redsnow is telling me that it’s unable to find my firmware 1,1_3.1.3 and it’s telling me unable to find firmware…please help

  39. zack says:

    I have the same problem as well as darius and ellie? I dont get

  40. shatta says:

    Yea Man it works respect

  41. Help says:

    Hmm its sarting hacktivate but its not displaying and not working on phone what shod i do ???

  42. chris says:

    which redsn0w would i use if i have the iphone 3g firmware version 4.2.1

  43. volkone says:

    Hi everyone,

    I go major problem with my iphone 3g 4.2.1 – i have done all stepts correctly and installation seems run without any problems, however my handset crash during the last reboot with apple logo on the screen. I left it for a while but nothing change I restared the the phone a few times but it always crash after silver logo apple appear on the screen. I have done a hacktivation once again but i still the same problem.

    please help

  44. Marshall says:

    Yehawww worked for me my man, thank you!

  45. Elka says:

    It works but its waiting for reboot for a long time
    what shall i do???

  46. Evette Ary says:

    I will test this with a new page I am building… I’ll use ONLY this method for the first week and see if it generates any traffic and post back.

  47. Janell says:

    Can i do this on a iphone 4s ?

  48. Anonymous says:

    Hey, I found an Iphone 4 in the street, passcode locked, i was able to restore to 5.0.1, but I can’t activate without a SIM card. This vid doesn’t work for iPhone 4 on 5.0.1. How can I hacktivate? please help

  49. grace says:

    I followed all the steps as said, but i have no idea what firmware i need to download, so i randomally clicked one which supports iphone 3gs because i understand the comma part, but i have no idea for the rest. i can find it in my files but when i try and browse to get it up i cannot find it any where because of the file type.. i cannot change it either,. help please

  50. PLSHELP says:

    Where can i find redsn0w for iPhone 3GS 5.0.1 ? ;(((

  51. Kike says:

    when i connect my iphone 3G, Itunes show a msg that the simcard is not valid this iphone 3G have firmware : 4.2.1 and baseband version

    is possible that this wk again…

    thks for u help

  52. Pauline says:

    it works! Thank you so much! 🙂

  53. Daniel says:

    mine isn’t working.. i mean it does everything it has to do, but the at the end it just stays the same… still need to “insert a valid SIM with no PIN lock to activate iPhone” please help.. i’m using ios 4.2.1 and redsn0w 0.9.6 what am i doing wrong?

  54. Daniel says:

    also, mine goes into black page with MILLIONS of white letters scrolling up before the pineapple logo comes on the screen.. need help please.. :/

  55. Daniel says:

    well what do you know… just made it work!! 😀

    thanks a lot for this video!! you effin rock man!!

  56. eaa says:

    how do i downlod it !!!!????

  57. bikramjit singh says:

    i have iphone 3g unlocked. i tried to upgrade from 3.1.3 to 4.2.1 bt after update it says invalid sim? i m from india, what should i do? plz mail me at my email id
    plz help

  58. tmd says:

    it works thanks

  59. Mayra says:

    I have an iPhone 3gs, with firware version 4.3.5 and i downloaded the restore firmware 2,1_4.3.5 like it says but I dont know which redsnow version to use because I already used 3 different ones and it says unable to find. PLEASE HELP ME…. 🙁

  60. Marcus says:

    Hi guys,

    I have a Iphone 3g and downgraded it from 4.2.1 to 3.1.3. with tiny umbrella. After that i hacktivate it with 3.1.2 because 3.1.3 didn’t work and they say this was ok(redsn0w). The problem is that it can’t find a network it says “no service” What must i do?

    please help!!

  61. mark says:

    i already download all the firmware for 2g..nothing happens…please help

  62. mark says:

    any other option rather than this…please

  63. Benny says:

    Verry helpful i tryed to my 2g iphone …and now i will try to my 3g iphone…:)

  64. Darryon says:

    I Have 2g 5.1 and i don’t know what firmware to use could u help?

  65. Hemant chhajer says:

    Yuppi my iphone has got any network,.. ios 4.2.1
    firstly readshow help i unlock my iphone without sim card
    than than install ultra snow for “network serching” or “no service” or for “carriers”
    than randshow 9ra16 for ipad flash band and “yuppi network got”
    i hardly given up to 3-4 hours including downloading on 512kbps broadband or it say 512/8.33 i.e. 60kbps around.
    than you so much,… 🙂

  66. alfred says:

    can u help me with what firmware to update to jail break my i phone

    Model number : MC603B/A – iPhone4
    Baseline version: 04.12.01-ICE_2_13
    Firmware version : 5.1

    when i download firm ware nothing is working

  67. ishhh says:

    sir. this hacktivation, does it works here in the Philippines? or the ultrasn0w works here? I finished jailbreaking it, but it doesn’t have a signal. help please… 🙁

  68. ishhh says:

    I mean. if I’m done hacktivating the iPhone, will it pick up a signal in any services?

  69. alex says:

    I just want to say thank you for the best tutorial on this subject.
    Informative, well paced, extremely clear.
    Simply superb. Thank you !

  70. Joe says:

    I have 4.3.5 i can’t find redsnow for it

  71. daddy says:

    why i cannot open tinyumbrella??i have java on my laptop.someone pls help me

  72. Warrant says:

    man what is a jailbreak cable do i need it to jailbreak or to active the iphone without a sim? im a noob… sry

  73. heidi says:

    can someone pls heeeeeeeeeeelp me :S

  74. janebishop says:

    Thanks for this tutorial it;s really help, more power

  75. Brendon says:

    thank You so much, you helped me big time! ur epic!

  76. klesti says:

    i did the same thing as you did.but at the and my iphone turned down!!!
    can you help me about this??

  77. Matt says:

    I have a iphone 3g 4.2.1, I have done all the steps and once it is done downloading it restarts itself but then it will go back to the same screen and not allow me to activate the iphone. Do i need a att sim to activate it. I am a tmobile user.

    clicked deactivate and cydia and it showed exactly what was seen on the video once being downloaded.

    any help would be great thanks.!

  78. joshi beats says:

    hey im running 4.3.5 on i phone 3gs mine is stuck on enter original sim wanna fix it now!!!!! what do i do can some one call me an help?

  79. anthony says:

    when i try to download the Redsn0w it wont let me for my iphone 4.2.1

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  81. Norma says:

    I have a iPhone 3Gs that is a 4.3.5 iOS and 05.16.02 firmware, I’m having a hard time figuring out how to get all the information so I can get the iPhone to work with using a T-Mobile sim card instead of a AT&T sim. If there is anyone out there that would be able to help me out, that would be great. Thanks

  82. Twiitermaster says:

    What redsnow is required for firmware 5.1.1? Help please?

  83. Del says:

    Thank you very very much your solution worked! Very much appreciated 🙂

  84. Maz says:

    I did all the instructions but no network, I have the iPhone 3G – Installed Fireware on the phone is 4.1. What I have to do ?

  85. Debbie says:

    So i jailbreak the phone but it cannot search for network. i have no signals. How will you guys take care of that and again thank you so much for your vide

  86. phani says:

    thanks alot….how to unlock after doing…..i am sucessful up to hactivation…but later how to unlocke them for 5.1.1 and 4.12,01

    please any one help me…..

  87. Manuel says:

    hey there! so i was trying to download the redsn0w for my firmware version iphone 3g 4.2.1 and actually the link to download this redsn0w doesn’t even exist, so how can i finish my unlocking process without the redsn0w.

  88. Gee says:

    This really helped, spent sleepless nights just to make my iphone work, then i found your vids. I wanna hug you. <3

  89. Anna says:

    thanks i really works, i’m so happy i kiss u. *

  90. ahmed says:

    Thunk you i M SO HAPPY

  91. Maria says:

    I cant find the redsn0w for my firmware version 4.2.1 helppppppppp 🙁

  92. Northsails says:

    Dude, you ROCK! Thank you 1000’s!

  93. Savannie54 says:

    wont let me enter DFU mode, ive tried about ten times< HELP!!!

  94. nikky says:

    how about is the pineapple icon doesnt show it only shows “downloading jailbreaker data”?

  95. Osmar says:

    Dude I need Serious Help , I found an iphone 4 telling me , its unlocked , i dont know the firmware or carrier just that needs a sim card , and a internet conection to itunes how can i unlock it ?

  96. Martin says:

    thank you – this worked on my iphone running 4.2.1

  97. czar says:

    Thanks men!! love u!! DUDE!!!

  98. Zheii says:

    Hey guys i need your help 🙁
    My iphone is 2g 2nd Gen and it was working well and has a latest version of 3.1.3when i decided to restore it’s previous version in itunes, and after restoring i can’t use my iphone anymore. It says that i need to use a valid simcard to activate the iphone. So i decide to jailbreak it, i downloaded the Redsnow 0.9.4 and the firmware 3.1.2, i did follow all the steps but i’m having a problem when my phone is in DFU Mode, the screen is all blank. And i can’t see the picture that says Downloading/Jailbreaking. What am going to do??

  99. neli mkali says:

    helow,u gat to send me ur email so dat u help me the more…i kant identfy da version for ma iphone bt its that type with a silver back-cover……i nid to unlock it…

  100. YuKi says:

    Thanks for the help, but I have a small problem.
    When I go on the website to download redsn0w for v4.2.1, the website won’t load.
    It always says :”Page not found”.
    Help pwease :3 ?

  101. Moey says:

    Need help, i have java and downloaded tinyumbrella, i run it but it only runs up to the black box than goes…doesnt open up the white page….and i do have the latest java 7 installed wtf is wrong?

  102. stone says:

    Need help,

    i have java and downloaded tinyumbrella, i run it but it only runs up to the black box than goes…doesnt open up the white page….and i do have the latest java 7 installed wtf is wrong?

  103. mojojo says:

    I cant seem to get tiny umbrella to open, yes i have java installed could i get some help

  104. neli mkali says:

    hellow,am running a 2g 3.1.3 and i downloaded iPhone1,1_3.1.3_7E18_Restore.ipsw bt its not workn.pliiiizzzzzzzzzzzzz some angel to come to ma rescue……pliiiiiziziziziziziziziziziziz…..

  105. carli says:

    Works perfectly, thanks a lot!

  106. Gert says:

    worked, thanks!!

  107. Garcez says:

    Thanks you save me from brazil you have a friend

  108. rajnish says:

    while doin jailbreak it stops at “waiting for reboot” and my iphone 2g screen gets white coloured and doesnt proceed further. please help. last time i had network problem it was totally lost.

  109. abhilash says:

    I have a jaibroken iphone 4 from japan, ..
    its deactivated.. because i tried installing SAM.. but it didnt work out..when i uninstalled it.. it got deactivated..
    should i jailbreak my phone again ? is it the right way ?

  110. Justine says:

    what if redsnow stop working?

  111. Justine says:

    It fin’lly worked! Thank God and Thank you! 🙂

  112. Shem says:

    hi, what redsnow should be used for iphone 4 os 5.1 Base4.12.01. thanks.

  113. maham malek says:

    hi, i tried to download tiny umbrella on my pc and my mac but it downloads pc keeper and mac keeper what did i do wrong did i click the wrong but if u can can you show me in a video which button to click

  114. maham malek says:

    plz dont feel bad or get mad but you hardly replyed

  115. emman says:

    plss help me im stuck in emergency calls only because i try to upgrade my idevice (iphone 3g) to i os 5. plss tell me what to do. tnx

  116. Eirk says:

    I did everything and its still not working.

  117. Geri says:

    What redsnow is required
    bASEBAND 05.15.04
    bootloader 6.2
    Help please?

  118. Geri says:

    Model MB048

  119. gregory says:

    put it in DFU mode open itunes and restore and update

  120. Geri says:

    I did everything and its still not working.

  121. Eduardo says:

    i cant dowload redsnow 4.1 for windows , it doesnt let me even click on it

  122. Jude says:

    I have an iPhone 3G and i dont have a sim so I am trying to “Hacktivate” it but i can’t get redsn0w…. I got a version and it’s the right one, But it’s in a zip file, What do I do with it????? Please Help….

  123. Jude says:

    OK, I managed to get the softwares… and i did all the stuff, but, it didn’t let me get into my iPhone…. 🙁

  124. aLI says:

    Its very helpful tutorial and its worked with my iphone 4 5.1.1
    i used latest version of redsn0w. but its locked still and not accepting sim from other carriers.
    Please suggest…

  125. wahid says:

    hi there i need to activate my iphone 3gs its on 5.1.1 version so which red snow should i use

  126. jimmyscratch says:

    you shouldn’t need tiny umbrella as the newest version of redsn0w will tell you what you phone is running, then you can go find the older version you need.

  127. emmalou says:

    Tiny umbrella not showing my i phone at all so cant find details. Am a complete noob tbh. pls help

  128. Alex says:

    Wow! thanks so much.! it works..i saved a lot of money..thanks

  129. Ellie says:

    You are the BEST!! Thank you! iphone 3G is Sorted: error 1051 fixed, downgraded to 3.1.3 and hacktivated. It took me forever to work everything out as 5 or 6 hours ago I knew NOTHING about iphones..or software! But I got there in the end, thanks in a big way you and your helpful (and reassuringly calm) videos 🙂 I’m so pleased! x

  130. Kylie says:

    Awesome, thanks so much! Worked like a dream 🙂

  131. sebastian manase` says:

    ermehgerd i need help! i downloaded tinyumbrella ( current version) and i dont kknow what to do from there my iphone 3g wont come up as a connected device? PLEASE HELP

  132. Daiana says:

    Whats the name of the software with the box you downloaded?

  133. ivanborgiey says:

    why does the icon Cydia is not appearing after i did this process..?

  134. manue says:

    not working at all , at the end , when the reboot start , my iphone don’t open , it a black window. the reboot dont start either

  135. daimen says:

    can u give me the jailbreak tabel

  136. vivin says:

    hey hw long does it takes to reboot ??????????? plzzzzzzzzz let me knw

  137. Jhensen says:

    My iphone stuck on downloading jailbreak deta.. what should i do..?

  138. kirollos says:

    non funziona!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  139. KaBe says:

    Guys, you are AMAZING 🙂 Thanks a lot, all worked perfectly!
    Just one thing to keep in mind gor 3G users: If you are jailbreaking firmware 3.1.3, feed redsn0w firmware 3.1.2


  140. Zeldean says:

    Omg!!! already did evrything but something happened at last. When I wanted to get music in Itunes something apears like recovery something and dam* broke my 3GS now I can’t open it. The only thing I see is the apple mark and a loading bar that doesn’t load… :'(

    NeeD HelP PLEASE! :/(//

  141. Jeton says:

    can i restore this iphone 4 version is: 4.3.3 please ansfer me!

  142. eduardo says:

    if my ifhone 2g is version 3.1.3 what firmwire can i used??? some tell me pliz

  143. KS says:

    I bought a 3GS from a friend and was using iOS5 when I tried to upgrade it to iOS6 and realized it was unlocked. Now it just doesn’t activate when I try to restore it using iTunes.

    I just downloaded TinyUmbrella but that too doesn’t work. It doesn’t show any SHSH.

    Please help.

  144. Manoj says:

    Thank You very much dude…. thanx a lot….

  145. Joshua Matthew says:

    where can i download redsn0w v0.9.6.b4 (4.2.1, all devices) for Windows for my iphone 3G with a 4.2.1 version. the link above doesn’t work! :(( please help me by sending the link to my yahoomail thanks alot!

  146. Emmy says:

    Hey thanks alot it really worked for me but pls how do i jailbreak my iphone 4s i tried it bt it didnt work

  147. thomaz says:

    Tinyumbrella link not working!!!!!!!!!! helpp

  148. Please Help! says:

    Well I got an iPhone 3g running on 4.2.1 (firmware) and I click the “Browse Button” On Reds0w nd it says Select Your “IPSW” so i select (iPhone1,2_4.2.1_8C148_Restore) and it says Processing Firmware… then it says Unable To Recognize Specified IPSW /:

  149. gk1234567890 says:

    i have iphone 3gs
    firmware 6.0gm
    baseband 05.16.07-6.4_M3S2

    iv’e looked through the firmwares and the redsnow but i can’t seem to find the right ones can anyone help me out please 🙂

  150. freckle says:

    has taken me a full week to figure out a 1015 error…used multiple sites and then finally these instructions to get the phone off emergency calls only….

    thank you so so much

  151. jay says:

    the link to download redsnow 4.2.1 doesn’t work says page not found please reply with a working link

  152. XiLii says:

    Thannkk you so much thiss work

  153. sawa says:

    does not work with iOS 6. please tell me when this will be compatible with iOS 6

  154. Julius says:

    hi i get redsnov 0.9.15b3 i have 6.0.1 and ipgone 3gs with 6.15.00
    when i try to enter IPSW i get mesage at my redsnow is wrong. with redsnow i must use? sory for my english

  155. satyam says:

    i did nt founnd the redsnow for my iphone running in ios 4.1..could u please tell me where do i find it?

  156. Kotaro Furuya says:

    would this work for Iphone 3gs using IOS 6.0.1? with redsnOw redsn0w_win_0.9.13dev4?

  157. Milad Farooq says:

    After it rebooted my iphone 4 it was still at the activation screen. please help

  158. Jose says:

    Hello I HAve An iPhone 3G With A Broken Home Button Is There A Way To Hacktavate It

  159. mark joseph says:

    i hve an iphone4
    i updated to ios6.0.1 and it is now stuck in itunes saying no sim card..
    my baseband is 4.12…
    what should i do?? pls help

  160. vvv says:

    3G. no signal after hacktivate

  161. A. Genge says:

    I’m trying to Hacktivate an iPhone 2G with version 3.1.3. I DLed Redsnow 0.9.4, but it says “Unable to recognize specified IPSW”. I checked what version I have on my device with Tiny Umbrella and it said I had iPhone 3.1.3. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  162. ABIS says:

    hey….i wan say thank u…………but after i jailbreak it it asks me to insert a valid sim card and it doesn’t have cellular network can anyone help pls plssssssssss.

  163. sagar says:

    how to find the firmware of iphone 2 ver.3.1.3

  164. alex says:

    i have the firmware 3.1 and i cant find the right redsnow for it can u help me

  165. sean says:

    the firmwear is not working in my redsnow 0.9.6b4 for my iphone 3g

  166. need says:

    need for iphone 1

  167. julian singh says:

    i just updated my iphone 3gs to ios 6 and now i am trying to activate it without a sim card how do i do that

  168. Reuben says:

    Really helpful, Thanks a Lot !!!!

  169. Steve says:

    No luck downld any of the links on my laptop-ESET security keeps blocking it. Can’t determine version I have either. I want to say its a 3g , not a 3gs phone, so that might be why its fubar’d.
    Any suggestions?
    I will say though, your video was instructional, good job.

  170. lynx says:

    am on iphone 4 ios 4.3.5 fmwr 4.12.02
    nothing works
    all the process goes smoothly but still stuck at itunes icon
    what am i missing?

  171. Carrie says:

    Worked great and it’s now jailbroken, but I can’t get it to do anything with my T-mobile sim inserted and it doesn’t say t-mobile in the corner. Any suggestions? I just spent all day breaking it and I wanna use it!

  172. ron says:

    i upgraded to 4.3.3 and my phone was locked.
    then used your youtube- and it worked.
    is there a way to get my contact list back?
    why dosent my modem work now?

  173. Andrew says:


  174. Barbs says:

    I got stucked on “waiting for reboot”, what can I do??

  175. Barbs says:

    It didn’t work, the phone is still not reading the sim! =( Please help!

  176. Cait says:

    Helpppp…it wont work instead of coming up with the pictures at the end it just has loads and loads of writing and then goes back to the emergency calls only screen!!! what do I do ??

  177. mars says:

    i have an iphone 2g , i downloaded the redsnow 0.9.4 for firmware 3.1.3 and after downloading that redsnow cant read it what doi dowith the zipfile … extracting it helps nothing

  178. kimberly says:

    What if I have an iphone 3g with firmware 4.2.1 , the tinyumbrella 6.1.1 is good ?
    please I really need to activate my iphone :/ ?? help anybody plz?

  179. jazzman says:

    Redsn0w error, stuck at exploiting limera1n

  180. megan says:

    how do you create firmware?

  181. Darshan says:

    i upgread to 6.1.2 and it goes update failed now here can display unlock screen and again i restore its give 1600 error what can i do plzzzzzzzzzzz help…:(

  182. parmeshwor says:

    thanks it works, now i need to unlock my phone, how to do it?

  183. Alex says:

    SOLUTION!! I got this to work like this: before to start redsnow app you need to click right on mouse…compatibility..check windows xp sp3 and apply.I solve the problem with that.

  184. Dodi says:

    plz help i have iphone 4s ios6.1.2 and redsnow dosen’t work what should i do plz help

  185. Frank says:

    I have I Phone 4 I have being using for a while. I tried resetting to factory settings and it went into factory unlock please help me to jailbreak. I am trying to find the right Redsnow version that will be compatible with firmware version. Phone details bellow:

    Device Model – MC605FB/A – iPhone4
    Firmware Version – 6.1.3
    Baseband Version – 04.12.05-ICE_2_13
    IMEI – 012431000978596

  186. credit cash says:

    I like the valuable information you provide in your articles.
    I will bookmark your weblog and check again here frequently.
    I’m quite certain I will learn a lot of new stuff right here! Best of luck for the next!

  187. chris says:

    My lock button is not working what should i do??

  188. noe says:

    ummmm…it got stuck on waiting for reboot..what can i do?

  189. chetan says:

    i ve iphone 2g a1203 i am stuck at usb connect to itunes screen can anyone explain how to activate the phone aagain….thanks

  190. tri says:

    thanx Dude..great stuff

  191. armend says:

    hi can someone tell me how i must know wich firmware or redsnow i must use for my iphone 3gs i restored it with version 6.1.3

  192. Raj says:

    I am trying to unlock origional iphone with version


    Its giving a message that this is not supported.

    Please help.

  193. Hassaan Mahmood says:

    After Hacktivating your phone if it shows no service install ultrasnow from cydia through wifi or manually……..Turn off the 3g and cell data option off and then turn the phone off, turn it back on and then off again , Signals will come 🙂

  194. Bogdan says:

    Hey I tried it many Times but it Stucks every Time at an Apple Logo and a Stuck spinnig weel

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