If you don’t have a sim card for your iPhone 3GS or 4 and you updated to 5.1 then you will be unable to skip the “activation screen.” This can be extremely frustrating since most likely all you want to do is use the iPhone as an iPod. Follow the instructions in the video below to begin using your iPhone in no time.

Download Links:
5.1 Firmware for 3GS & 4 (Find the version you need)

Redsn0w 0.9.10b6 (Windows)

Redsn0w 0.9.10b6 (Mac)

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95 Responses to “How to Activate iPhone 3GS & 4 without Sim Card iOS5.1!”

  1. John says:

    This guy is a genius! Hats off to you.

  2. Claudia says:

    I did and follow everything exactly how your video showed and everything was done the same way and had every outcome the same. however after the phone was done rebooting and i try to activate it it still says try again.

  3. Sebby says:


    I did follow this steps but that step where I have to reboot then it like hangs and does not detect the simcard… what might be the problem? The video is very clear. Thumbs up!

  4. Ibrahim says:

    everything worked but on the top right hand corner its stuck on searching instead of saying vodafone as that is my sim card

  5. Rojie says:

    I followed everything you’ve said in this video and it really work! Thanks so much for your help. More power to you!

  6. casey says:

    followed step by step thought it was gonna work then comes up with could could not activate iphone because the activate server is temporarily unavailable

  7. James says:

    Will this work with iOS 5.0.1?! Please reply someone!

  8. i can't found mine :( ( the version) says:

    i can’t found mine 🙁 ( the version)

  9. marcin says:

    I get “exploit failed” every time. What do I do?

  10. jason says:

    i did everything u did and i still cant skip the activation part i have a verizon iphone 4

  11. ုkirkေက်ာ္ says:

    thz a lot bro..that is work at iphone 4 , 5.1 ,,,u r xo xo grade

  12. mac says:

    I click on the link 5.1 Firmware for 3gs and 4
    and it say page not found!!!
    Help!! What else can I try?

  13. Chris says:

    Worked fine here in UK. Many thanks

  14. jin says:

    “AppleBCMWLAN:handleOKitbusywatchdogTimeout(): Error, no successful firmware download after 60000ms!! Giving up…”

    what is this?

  15. David says:

    A lot of thanks from South Korea. Just got a used iphone from the states and no sim card. Followed the video and all the easy steps and now it’s up and running. Thanks a lot.

  16. Krish says:

    Thnx a lot bro … am frm India and it worked awesome… now i need to unlock it to use other sim .. may i know how… it would grt if u got a video on it.. thnx a lot bro….:)

  17. Lino says:

    It says Ipad Baseband Failed! What am I supposed to do now?

  18. Ezze says:

    Did all steps…stuck here
    Applem2ScalerCSCDriver:Added framebuffer device: AppleCLCD

    any solution

  19. Vy says:

    how come after i did this my sim won’t work with my iphone anymore? could you please help me so my sim could work

  20. BCee says:

    Hey man, my Iphone wont turn off. What do i do? What do i do? 😐 🙁

    • ipodtecholicius says:

      go to settings>general>accessability>assistiveTouch (turn on) click home button click little dot assistive touch gives you click the device tab thing on it and hold down the lock screen figure on the screen. it will then say slide to power off and it will work 😀

  21. sathwick says:


    I have problem.
    After doing all this I got rid of ‘SIM card not supported’ problem. But my phone says ‘No Service’ at the top-right corner and I am not able to use the phone.

    Please let me know what should I do?


  22. tam says:

    searching for service

  23. Jay says:

    Does this work fro IOS 5.11?

  24. Josep says:

    Greetings community! I appreciate the input, I have a doubt.

    Is this method works on an iPhone 4 with version 5.1 and Basemand: 4.12.01?

    Thank you!

  25. kolop says:

    great man,it worked with my iphone4,keep it like this.you save my day.

  26. Adelina says:

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  28. sawan says:

    i click to select ipsw then i select desktop file iphone 2.1….
    the msg box open and says
    That IPSW is not supported by this version of redsnow.
    plz help me

  29. Roman says:

    your video has help alot, but I’ve tried so many times and it’s running good than it stops and it reads. ” Error, no succesful firmware download after 60000 ms!! giving up….. I have an iphone 3gs but I don’t know the firmware that it has
    please help. I had it jailbroken before but I want it to make it regular and I got stuck

  30. John D, says:

    Thank you,

    I just followed your instructions and it work with no hang ups or obstacles. I just have to find Raccoon so I can use my Iphone 4 unthetered. Thanks

  31. Johnny says:

    THANK YOU!!! God bless you!!!

  32. baart says:

    got the problem when redsn0w is running and i want to select the ipsw

    it says:

    that IPSW is not supported by this version of redsn0w.


    can you guys help me?


  33. andre says:

    Its cool!

  34. DAMN says:

    i dont find the file which i use for redsn0w -.-

  35. tktk says:

    hey man how long will they be updating 5.1 Firmware for 3GS & 4

  36. tktk says:


  37. Sandy says:

    I did everything u said and it totally worked out until i tried to unlock it. Now it has no connectivity to the provider and it keeps saying ” searching…” ! Somebody please tell me what could might be the problem!! Thanks!

  38. Kv says:

    I clicked the link of the firmware below but it just says updating now. How come?

  39. MN says:

    Thanks for the video 🙂 But, what if later I want to insert a sim card and use my I phone 4 to call and text, do I just simply plug the sim in and thats it, or what should I do? I’d really appreciate your help!

    • MN says:

      Besides, do you think it would work if I borrow a Sim card from a friend(who is using an Iphone with that sim) and activate it, then take it off after that? 🙂 Will it cause any problems for me or my friend?

  40. alexan says:

    You my friend are a life saver, thanks.

  41. annie says:

    thank you so much;D

  42. Coft3 says:

    Incredible man!! I have been without phone for a year because i couldnt activate it!! You are great!! thanks!

  43. Milulah says:

    Anyone got an unlock hack for 5.16.05 firmware?

  44. pcsarkar007 says:

    Thanx man after 6 MONTHs i solved this prob
    thank u so much

  45. JennyNeedsYou says:

    i tried everything But Still it doesn’t Work it says “EXPLOITING LIMERA1N”
    what should i do ? 🙁 :O

  46. rikitik87 says:

    thank you so much,,.it is now working on my iphone 4…again..thank you..

  47. neli says:

    wat abt for 3g

  48. Renardo says:

    Hey man you are a Genius, I wish I had the knowledge like you man, BIG UP!!!

  49. Kiden says:

    Man, you are an angel sent from out of this world. You solved my all my iPhone problems. Big ups and I will definitely be following for more tips and tricks. God bless you!

  50. Abel says:

    Thanks a lot it worked on my iphone 3gs, Activeted and know I need to unlock the phone to use it universally. please post or upload video how to unlock the phone.

  51. Kiden says:

    Abel, I agree with you. The video is really helpful. Towards the end of the video Ian explains a little bit about unlocking. It is easy. Simply go to Cydia and search for Ultrasn0w (the same way you searched for Rocky racoon). Install it and you are good to go. Just in case it still does not read your sim card, you may have to install ipad baseband.

    • Abel says:

      Thanks Kiden, I did download and installed redsnow, but it still says no service. I guess will have to install ipad baseboard. Could you please post the links and how to install ipad baseboard. (By the way I’m new to this hence need to know, mine is a iphone why install ipad baseboard).

  52. Aaron says:

    Hi, Thank you so much, it worked. Now i have another issue. I put the AT&T sim card in and it says no service..i turned 3g off and it still stays the same anything. i tried rebooting using dfu mode but still says no service. Can someone please help me with this. You can email me at coolmunda99@yahoo.com
    Thanks in advance

  53. enelra says:

    Thanks a lot! you save my Iphone ! so happyyyyyyyy!

  54. agam says:

    Thanks a lot man you are genius , hatts off to you man

  55. Michel says:

    Thank you very much!!!!

  56. Andrew says:

    it says windows 7…will it work for windows XP?

  57. raveendar says:


    Does this process works for iPhone 4 version 5.0.1? Please can any one reply me as early as possible.

    Thanks in advance

  58. lexter says:

    does this work at 5.1.1 version??
    need your reply..

  59. lexter says:

    certain operation (like the a5 jailbreak)are disable due toincomplete itunes libraries. please be sure the latest itunes is installed..

    coudn’t load mobiledevice.dll

    need your help guys..

  60. Ad says:

    why does i tell me activate device when i click jail break .wasnt this entire process to get passed the activaion screen…..upset

  61. RiskOn says:

    Well looks like I messed this up really nice.

    I tried to downgrade but after a few failed attempts at entering dfu mode, now my power button wont work at all!

    Also my iphone was restores to factory settings (dumb idea) thinking that maybe there was some app messing with my power button.

    Now I cant enter dfu mode, recovery mode or anything, and I need to activate the phone again, is there any way to hactivate the iphone without entering dfu mode?

    Please help I have been up all night trying to find the solution but the only thing I keep reading is that I have to replace the power button, which is not possible here.

    With all the apps and hacks out there I have to think there would be a solution.

  62. Sally says:

    You are amazing!! u saved me so much money …. I reset my phone because i lost my password and now I can use it without the sim!! Thank you so much!

  63. Meagan says:

    If only I knew what firmware link I needed. Luckily I’ll bringing it to a friend in the next few days who will know. I hadn’t had my iphone updated in some time since my itunes was out of date. It’ll be good to be able to get into it again, since I honestly used it for everything else but a phone.

  64. Clemente Destefanis says:

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  65. angie says:

    hey I am having an issue i get to the part where the phone is back up and runing and i need to connect to wifi to do cydia well it will not connect to wifi what can i do?

  66. Rhonda says:

    What if it does not detect my iphone

  67. jeff says:

    mine is on 6.0 will it still work?

  68. nad says:

    i dont know what version i have ! all i know its iphone 4 and i download the latest update and this happened

  69. emiy says:

    how do you download al the downloads there not here

  70. XapDevil says:

    Hope this works i searched every where but i couldnt find it hope this works im working on it right now…

  71. Eva says:

    my screen has a pineapple on it, is that normal?

  72. kristy says:

    its stuck on that info screen for me, how long do i have to wait for it to go back to normal apple button ??

  73. James says:

    I have been searching for more than a year for something to fix my phone. I followed your instructions and they worked. Thank you so much. You are a legend.

  74. sangeetha says:

    I see the following error,

    Transferring control to jailbreak,AppleBCMWLANCore::handleIOKitBusywatchdogTimeout():Error,no succrssful firmware download after 60000ms!!Giving up…Please help me…

  75. Earl says:

    this one works !!! GREAT!

  76. adnan hussein says:

    Thanks man..it worked like a charm! hope there could be someday a solution for activating the phone too..

  77. Tony says:

    USB communication problem how 2 slove

  78. fabi says:

    mine does not work. it says:
    that IPSW is not supported by this version of redsn0w.


  79. miky says:

    you are the king

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