The release of the iPhone 5 was a record event with an expected 8 million to be sold by the end of this weekend.  The new design and updated features combined with Apple’s quality reputation and marketing success are likely the culprit for the new iPhone’s success.  Some of the updated features of the new iOS6 operating system include an update to Siri, Apple’s assistant, as well as some new apps such as Passbook and Maps and a new appearance to the dialer and mail apps.  The new Apple Maps have replaced Google’s Maps but many users have been extremely frustrated with the accuracy of the new 3D maps.  Many users prefer Google Maps than Apple Maps because of Google’s impressive accuracy.  This can be attributed to the fact that Google has been constantly improving its maps for 7+ years while Apple has just started.













The aesthetics of the new maps are improved but buildings appear on the middle of intersections and business are on the street rather than on a plaza.  Overall iOS6 is a great update with many advantages, however, some things to consider before you update are that the native YouTube app has been removed and the new one which must be downloaded from the App Store, is ad supported and the changes in Maps may make operation slightly frustrating when accuracy is a must.


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