How to: Fix Error 1015 for iPhone 3G (Model A1241)

On December 30, 2011, in Fixes, by Ian Ziyar

You were probably updating/restoring your iPhone 3G which was unlocked and iTunes gave you error 1015.  This is because your baseband is flashed to the iPad baseband (06.15.00) and iTunes could not update it so it gave you the 1015 error. You have two options at this point ; one is to update it to 4.2.1 using a custom firmware which matches your baseband or you can downgrade it to a lower 3.1.3 version. This guide will show you how to update it to the custom 4.2.1 firmware. Don’t worry, its easy to fix- just follow the step by step tutorials to get your iPhone running in no

Download Links:
Redsn0w 0.9.6rc16 (Windows)

Redsn0w 0.9.6rc16 (Mac)

iPhone 3G 4.2.1 Custom Firmware (Search Google) I’m working on this one right now because the other websites got shut down.

iPhone 3G 4.2.1 Regular Firmware 


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  1. Odale Patrick Roxas says:

    Thanks alot for this one! It really saved my life…my mom almost hanged if not for this guide!

  2. […] How to: Fix Error 1015 for iPhone 3G (Model A1241) | iHelpCorner Deze werkte bij mij Het fijne is dat hij er verstand van heeft en uitlegt waarom het niet werkt. […]

  3. Luis says:

    I downloaded the two firmwares you said I would need in order two unbrick my Iphone, but one of the firmwares is a zip file. When I unzip the file it has some DMG files,others call img3 files, and some dfu files. When I use red redsnow to try and open the file like you show on your video, It will tell me that the files I’m looking for are not found. I’m talking about the iphone1,2_4.2.1_8C148_Restore firmware. The other iphone custome firmware shows up just fine, but the iphone restore firmware file shows a zip file, and it has the files I mention before. Am I doing something wrong? Why is the iphone restore file not displaying properly? I can’t open the iphone restore file in red snow. What is the problem? I have a windows 7 64 bit pc.

  4. bujnoj says:

    same here =o( broken file ( restore ) any1 know where 2 get it ?

  5. scott says:

    to sort this out on windows 7 u need to bring my docs up, then click on oranize (top left) on page, then click on folder and search options, then click on view at top of page then in the list of advanced settings uncheck HIDE EXTENSIONS FOR KNOWN FILE TYPES then click apply, then go to your downloaded file and right click on it the rename only delete the zip and put ipsw the press enter when the next window comes up press yes then your done 🙂 happy days

  6. lala says:

    Im having the same problem. I can’t figure out the restore firmware. HELP! 🙂

  7. tan says:

    tthe regular firmware will work on some computer

  8. jeffe says:

    To download the firmwares in windows, it’s best if you use safari for windows. If you use ie, it will download as a zip file.

  9. Tyquan says:

    Thanks dude this really helped cus that tinyumbrella and ireb dont work

  10. HuaNa says:

    Yahoo… i fixed my ihone.. thank you so much for this videos!!!! Likes!!!

  11. Neha Singla says:

    thanks ya… it worked!!!! nothing else worked… u saved d day 🙂

  12. Tracey says:

    Hi this has been excellent help….however…. i am now back into phone and clicked on cydia to sort out the 1 bar of service issue.
    I clicked search in cydia and typed ultrasn0w… but nothing shows up…. what do I do now?


    • Tracey says:

      OK for any of you that are as tired as me and have spent all day fixing these Iphones…. BE PATIENT.. I had to wait for cydia to update before I could search for Ultrasn0w….. BUT it is there ..thats the good news 🙂

  13. Tracey says:

    Hi again,

    Since I have done this to the phone to restore its jailbreak… the battery is not lasting for long…. can anyone give me advise on how to fix this?


  14. Mily says:

    Hello, after unblocking the restore file, im unable to find the compatibility folder…

  15. JuanRamirez says:

    yo no hablo ingles pero estoy muy agradecido porque ya estaba dando mi iPhone por perdido me sirvio totalmente!

    • SanPet says:

      For those who’d like a translation…”I don’t speak English, but I am very thankful because I had considered my Iphone a goner! It is working perfectly now!!!

  16. johanna says:

    how to do this on a mac?

  17. salman ali says:

    hi…. i tried all of above procedures but at last step when iphone should e restored by custom restore application it gives me 1600 error plz help 🙁

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  19. ThomasTheRed says:

    This worked for me. Thank you very much! This made a little girl very happy! She tried to update her iphone and broke it, this fixed it, and again thanks.

  20. James says:

    What happens when u shift click restore and choose the custom file and gives u an error

  21. paulo says:

    great it works! thanks!

  22. Nina says:

    this really help me alot…i still need to learn alot from this iphone stuff…thank you so much…i owe you big time for this…but there’s still one more thing…i’m done with fixing the 1015 error…though i lost my previous apps it’s ok but i still cant fix the no service thing…i only have 1 bar signal and i’m trying to do the same thing as your guide does but i can’t find the ultrasn0w in cydia.. =(( can someone help me out there please…really need your help guys…thank you in advance…

    • Nina says:

      can someone help me pls with this cydia thing… i’m afraid i might do something wrong and may cause more trouble… o_0 really need your help… i dont know what to do with it… cant find the ultrasnow in my cydia and still has this 1 bar signal prob… can someone tell me what to do? =(( thanks… im not a techy genius type so… if you would do so it’ll be a great help for me…

      • Ashley says:

        restart ur phone and connect to a wirless internet if you can

        and unltra snow is ultrasn0w with a zero

        hope this helps

  23. Hector says:

    Thank u so fuckin much man! It really works, now can u tell me please how to do the jailbreak for Telcel Mexico? Thanks again.

  24. lola says:

    on a mac computer -> click shift and Restore doesn’t work… it just goes on to do what it always does and then ends with the same error message… does anybody knows how to do this on a mac computer???

  25. Ashley says:

    any chance you know how to unjailbreak a iphone 3g
    but still keep it open to all networks ???

  26. zero says:

    thank you very much

  27. juan jose chambers says:

    megaupload is out!! can you upload the custom firmware to another server plis?

  28. Allison Cooling says:

    when i click the Custom Firmware, it shows me these 3 pictures of like hawks and stuff on a circle and said some wierd stuff.

  29. it shows me these stuff

  30. Kathy Sansing says:

    I also need the custom firmware….FBI has already banned the upload site. Anybody has a copy please post the link here so we can download it. Thank you soo much for the help.

  31. christos says:

    the link
    iPhone 3G 4.2.1 Custom Firmware

    does not open, so I am stuck again, anyone knowing why ?

  32. Lori says:

    Also hoping someone might be able to upload the custom firmware somewhere other than Megaupload which has now been shut down?

  33. soleen says:

    plz help me
    when i use i tunes to install iPhone 3G Custom Firmware 4.2.1 8C148 its give me amassege ( couldnt be restored because the frimware is not compatibale )

  34. Jerry says:

    I am most grateful I will donate to your cause, I went through 5-6 other post
    on youtube and forums, with no luck your instructions was right on point
    will donate to your cause.

  35. vkline says:

    You GOD!!! Thanks!!!

  36. Cris says:

    jooooooooooo muchas graciasssss!! mi iphone ha vuelto a renacer, no se como agradecertelo, eres un crack!!! te kieroooooo!! i love you so muchhhh!!

  37. Derek says:

    Thank you so much man!!! This thing really helps!!!!

  38. sunny says:

    still i get this 1015 error.why?the software says its in dfu mode DONE,but it crashes at last,plz help.wnt to find the owner.plz.

  39. sunny says:

    it ididnt had any sim in it when i found,plz updating it with 4.1 its a 3g.

  40. Dannharrington says:

    hii, i do whats said, but when i download the software, it doesnt come up properly, i extract the file, and then it done work, can u drop me a email please give me some help its pissing me off bigg time


    • shwan says:

      u need to bring my docs up, then click on oranize (top left) on page, then click on folder and search options, then click on view at top of page then in the list of advanced settings uncheck HIDE EXTENSIONS FOR KNOWN FILE TYPES then click apply, then go to your downloaded file and right click on it the rename only delete the zip and put ipsw the press enter when the next window comes up press yes then your done happy days

  41. Tanlia says:

    Thanks so much! For whatever reason it didn’t work the first time I tried kept coming up with 1600 errors and iREB wouldn’t open for me but I tried your way coupled with iREB on our other computer and worked straight away. Thank you thank you thank you!

  42. kojak says:

    great video thanks!

  43. Hanna says:

    Im still Having the same Problem after trying all these steps 🙁 same error 1015

  44. Amit says:

    I downloaded the complete file but when I extract the file there is no file with extension of *.ipsw

    The bigges file is with *,dmg

  45. Kristina says:

    The 4shared file for the custom firmware dont work as soon as i click download nothing pops up tryed in chrome and explorer about 20 times….is there any other custom firmware links?? plzz


  47. Yuuko says:

    iPhone 3G 4.2.1 Regular Firmware is zip file and not ipsw — how to use so redsnow can see it?

  48. Yuuko says:

    I back-read a bit more and figured out how to do the same renaming of files on xp — THANK YOU!

  49. Frunbi says:

    Merci beaucoup de la Tunisie.
    ça a marché pour moi.
    It work ..

  50. Karthik satya samineni says:

    No Need to search google……..
    iPhone 3G 4.2.1 Custom Firmware…..

    paste the above link download custom firmware……….Go Ahead….dudes……n Darlings………..

  51. colm says:

    i followed all the steps as shown but cant go into cydia as their is no internet connection ,and the wifi has been removed of it

  52. naven says:

    thank you, I donated $5 for this awesome site.

  53. oscar says:

    when i go on itunes i hold the shift key and click restore nothing happens im using a macbook pro plzzz help

  54. Jessica says:

    I followed your instrustions but when I go in a search ultrasn0w it says it says modify not install. What do I do?

  55. Vani says:

    I was following everything and everything was going ok. but when i opened itunes i got error alert saying “the iphone software update server could not be contacted”. it doesnt read iphone. what should i do now?? please help.

  56. shwan says:

    Someone help please. You all sweem yo have the Custome firmware 4.2.1…Where can i get it from without paying? its getting so stupid now, its getting to a point me throughing the fucking iphone!!!!!

  57. maya says:

    Thankkkkkkkkkkkkk youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu man!
    you have my blessings

  58. Ali says:

    the shift > Restore thing does not work on my Mac, what do i do?

  59. puzzy says:

    hi does this really work?

  60. Abba says:

    It was a pleasure seeing this after how many tries this finally worked…. it’s a relief..thank you….

  61. sandy says:

    hi ,
    so i have an iphone 3 g i lov this phone and cant get rid of it yet 🙁
    its tethered jail-broken and has an error !! 1015 ! ev works except part when i need to pick an Iphone mode : both are ‘iphone restore’ and then it cant be done from that point on 🙁 i neeeed help !!!! pls 🙁

  62. bryan says:

    hi i have problem in my iphone 3g i have this error1015 when im trying to restore my iphone using itunes, almost done in restoring suddenly this error occurs i did it twice same thing goes can anyone help me??

  63. Raza says:

    i fixxxxeeeeddd ittttt …..simple and easy steps ….thankuuu verrrryyyy much for your help……..

  64. Kyle says:

    I can’t get redsn0w to download

  65. Shane says:

    thanks yo u really saved my life, keep up the good work

  66. En says:

    Thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx alotttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt…..owe u big time dude 🙂

  67. Neshat says:

    i can’t fix it till now. After following all of this till show error 1015. So what can i do. please halp me.

  68. joovie says:

    great tutorial. those of you looking for the custome firmware, i was able to download it here at and NO SURVEYS either. i chose direct download. i’m using a mac so instead of the shift button, it’s the alt or option button. the screen pops up and that’s when you choose the custom restore firmware. i didn’t have to do the earlier stuff ian mentioned about the whole properties, administrator stuff. just opened everything up in the order he explained. again, kudos to you ian. really great tutorial.


  69. ferra says:

    i have done what u said, i have a apple logo on screen, it will take how long?

  70. ferra says:

    As i done what u said, the apple loge came to the screen and the it remains for a long time,
    When i open the Itunes, it doesnt detect the phone,
    Please reply me.
    Torrentz is not allowed in saudiarabia, so please give me an other link to download the custom version.
    can i make my phone work without custom firmware?
    Please reply
    Advance Thanks

  71. Darshan says:

    Dude iam rely rely thankful to u….. U saved my Iphone….Thanks a lot 🙂 …….

  72. Jamil says:

    i follow all the ur instruction but it didnt work same 1015 plz help me

  73. Amsamw says:

    Nice post at How to: Fix Error 1015 for iPhone 3G (Model A1241). I was checking continuously this blog and I’m impressed! Very helpful information specially the last part 🙂 I care for such information much. I was seeking this certain info for a very long time. Thank you and good luck.

  74. baju bayi says:

    Nice post at How to: Fix Error 1015 for iPhone 3G (Model A1241). I was checking continuously this blog and I am impressed! Very helpful information particularly the last part 🙂 I care for such info much. I was seeking this certain information for a very long time. Thank you and best of luck.

  75. joubert jethro says:

    yes thks worked great for me
    merci mille fois

  76. Jocelyn says:

    I cant find a website that has the Custom 4.2.1
    Does anyone know which one i could use?

  77. mike says:

    ok,i have a problem,my redsn0w and firmware open with itunes,anyone can pls help me?i cant go on with fixin process cos i cant open my files properly.ty

  78. cris nasol (RP) says:

    @jocelyn go find snowbreeze for custom firmware for IOS 4(google it) and then just follow the instructions in how to pwned dfu mode so that itunes will accept your custom IOS and after that you can jailbreak it

  79. pls help says:

    i do the shift nd restore nd it get stuck at prepaing t5hen give me 1604

  80. thank you so much says:

    OMG it worked for my two iPhone3Gs! I gave those two to my nieces but when I tried to update them up to 4.2.1, they got stuck at 1015 error like million times. Now I can give them to my nieces so that they can play with their own iPhone! Thank you so much you save my life!

  81. conor says:

    thank you so nuch

  82. AGC says:

    Where is the custom firmware? 🙁

  83. vincent says:

    everytime i press the power button for the reset it goes to the apple logo and immediately to the connect to i tunes screen i which it does not really enter into dfu mode.

  84. Spawn492 says:

    hi, followed your video and my 3g was up and running, then tried your downgrade video and got a 1602 error and now my iphone is stuck on the steve jobs cartoon image, nothing will get it off. Was able to force a tethered boot with redsnow but then it just got permanently stuck on the pineapple screen. Been at this for 3 days straight, hoping maybe you can help me out? Email me if you can help.

  85. jim says:

    Every time i try downloading the custom firmware i can’t get it. please help me and post a genuine link for the custom firmware

  86. Kenneth says:

    Hi… I have tried some other software / techniques to fix my 1015 problem in my 3G iPhone but none worked… I’m happy with this website and video and it fixed my problem. Thank you so much and more power to you!

  87. I tried to leave you a donation, but the button wouldn’t work.

  88. Leoven says:

    Hello to you……i thank you… is the story of my day….i was chewing my gum while walking on the street….when i finish chewing the gum i went to the nearest trashcan and throw it there and luckily i saw this iphone….and i feel like wow….amazing iphone on a public trashcan…..i saw it like a little clean so i picked it up ith some news paper and put it on my pocket after that i wen home and turn on the iphone and it say connect to itunes… so i open itunes and restore it but after i click the restore button and saes error 23 so i went to google to find some fix for that and they told me its about the hardware and then someone i saw that they put their device to dfu mode and other are they replace their battery and then to make this story short…..i got an error 1600, then 2005, 1600 1602 then i got the 1015 and then i search for the internet and i found you AMAZING VIDEO on youtube and it is really cool…..but when i tried it….i download all the 3 files…..and then i try redsnow and it works…but when i go and try to restore whoted00r on i tunes it says error23 again then i tried to download kevin file and it works.—tnx to you guys….now am trying to jailbreak the phone…..well i just need some work in here….but cool another iphone is in my hand….cool place……..ynx so much

  89. aamir says:

    hiee my iphone 4.1 its same error:( plzz help me

  90. ronaldo says:

    hey dude!you always fix my iphone everytime im visiting your fix the error 1015,and i jailbreak works dude…thank you so much!:)

  91. dam says:

    hi…while following these steps i encountered error 9….please help me to resolve it

  92. Mia says:

    I can’t do the shift thing with my mac.. PLEASE i am fucked anyone help?

  93. Bhong says:

    I tried this solution then it fixed the error but there’s another problem. the network and carrier not available, my phone number doesn’t recognize but there’s a signal, one bar only. Can anyone help me?

  94. anonymous says:

    echt bedankt dacht mijn leven is voorbij NOOIT JAILBREAKEN echt heb hiervan geleerd

  95. ryder says:

    so if the custom firmware is down does that mean this guide will not work?

  96. honey says:

    pls hlep. why my iphone 3g could not activated? activation server could temporary unavailable..but my connection is working, i experience this after i connect on itunes and they restored. after restored it could not be activated shown on my iphone. pls help

  97. alaqam says:

    you have no idea how much i love you! it worked!

  98. Argill says:

    I CAN’T DO THE SHIFT THING WITH MY MAC TOO!=D IS IT SHIFT + RESTORE only? to open the FIRMWARE?=) thanks guyz!=D

  99. Arcoiris says:

    After hours and hours, downloads and downloads, videos etc….Finally I found you and you fix my problem 🙂 Thaaaaannnnkkkkssssss from the bottom of my heart. ♥

  100. yareyed says:

    Hey i did all this correctly. Its even a 3g but after i Held down the power button and the home button it started rebooting by itself. Then i saw all this weird writing like a command promt. Then i saw a pineapple. then it started up again and the Apple logo screen is dimmed out. Please help i did everything correctly

  101. yareyed says:

    ACTUALLY I GO IT!!! TY SOOO MUCH!!! YOUR THE SHIT MANN!! i LOVEE it how you live in Fresno cuz thats my hometown..559 REPRESENT

  102. ajay says:

    please help me someone i have a iphone 3G and its struck on its recovery mode please give me link for its solution as soon as possible plz i will appretiate it… please please please!!!!!!!!! 🙁 🙁 🙁

  103. Tom says:

    im always error when restore mode what i should do?stuck in recovery mode (1015) i download firmware version 4.1 for my iphone 3G

  104. arjun says:

    this definitely works great job

  105. Will says:

    Thanks a million. You saved my phone

  106. Robin Smith says:

    Your the best! I tried everything but this one worked on the first try. Thanks so much. I’m on my way to donate. You deserve it.

  107. Robin Smith says:

    Oh before I forget….You can get the 3G Custom software here without virus or signing up for anything:

  108. Gates says:

    i found links to the custom, do i use activated or unactivated ipsw’s?

  109. Edward says:

    Hey, I was wondering what to do after clicking properties when doing this on an older window’s computer?

  110. janell says:

    hi. when i click itunes, shift then restore. then the costum firmware it says : the iphone could not be restored because the firmware file is not compatible. pls help

    • Samuel says:

      I saw this same question earlier without an answer and still looking. If you got a direct answer for this question, please share.

  111. janell says:

    bro. it works. hahaha. your so great. thanks 🙂

  112. Jake the Human Boy says:

    I have an IPhone 3G, and I got it while I was in Costa Rica so it came to me jailbroken and with cydia already on it. I decided I didn’t want it to be jailbroken any more so once I returned to the states I tried to restore it. Itunes popped up with the unknown error code 1015. I’ve done some research of my own and theres all those little tricks by switching buttons, none of them worked, and I’ve also downloaded things like redsn0w, fixrecovery, and ireb. None of these worked either. Help me?):

  113. rina says:

    im sorry but i don’t see the compatible option on my computer.can u help me with that?

  114. Gordon says:

    It worked!!!
    Thank you so much for this video, I can use my iphone again thanks to you, awesome!

  115. iPhone 3G says:

    please teach me step by step i can`t follow the steps here.

  116. Nancy says:

    Hey I have a question I keep getting error 40 when I try to restore , my Iphone 3 is stuck with “plug into Itunes” thingy … how can I fix this please

  117. Dennis says:

    Hi I just jailbreaked and hacktivated my 3g model a1241, i am unable to use the sim. I get a message sim not recognised. Please help. Thank you.

  118. Argill says:

    Hot to do this using macbook?=D

  119. jason says:

    when in redsnow compatibility i cant select “run this program as an admistrator” its grayed out. any help?

  120. carmen says:

    i cant find the
    iPhone 3G 4.2.1 Custom Firmware
    please help

  121. tj says:

    i cant find tht redsnow download

  122. polly says:

    hello there,
    i need urgent help. i have been trying to google and youtube on how i can Fix Error 1015 for iPhone 3G (Model A1241) but it seems to be harder than i thought.i read that it is not advisable to jail break a phone. will this jail break my phone? and will it restore my phone back to normal? 🙁 please help …..

  123. jcpauline says:

    O yeah! I did it bro! 🙂 Thanks for the help, it saved us hundreds of bucks to get this repaired at a kiosk!

  124. Dirk Wangke says:

    It does really helpfull and save my iphone..

  125. Peterson says:

    All works untill i get up to holding shift down and clicking restore no box appears for me to click custom firmware, i am using a macbook pro PLEASE HELP!

  126. Laura says:

    My phone came up with a picture of steve jobs…wont work STILL, help?

  127. Milan says:

    you’re awesome….
    it worked for me…..thanx a lot
    people who are having “no network access” problem plz refer this tutorial
    (i had the same network problem and now it’s ok)

  128. Kevin says:

    I downloaded
    Redsn0w 0.9.6rc16 (Windows) and i right finger clicked it i found unblock but cap. word.

  129. klownz says:

    we dowload this firmware but still we cant use it?

  130. son says:

    after restore my iphone not reading network plz help………………..

  131. son says:

    its works……………..thanx

  132. Lena says:

    Perfect! And thank you for the comments like “don’t freak out it did not freeze it is ok”. It helped

  133. chris says:

    where can i find the REGULAR 3G FIRMWARE that works i have the custom firmware and its showing as a ISPW but the regular restore firmware is just showing a file folder not an ISPW HELLP!!

    • Sawan says:

      to sort this out on windows 7 u need to bring my docs up, then click on oranize (top left) on page, then click on folder and search options, then click on view at top of page then in the list of advanced settings uncheck HIDE EXTENSIONS FOR KNOWN FILE TYPES then click apply, then go to your downloaded file and right click on it the rename only delete the zip and put ipsw the press enter when the next window comes up press yes then your done happy days 🙂

      nd if u r using window Xp then go to my computer tools on top left Folder options then go in View and uncheck HIDE EXTENSIONS FOR KNOWN FILE TYPES then click apply, then go to your downloaded file and right click on it the rename only delete the zip and put ipsw the press enter hAve A Gud Day 🙂

  134. nathan says:

    yo!i fixed my iphone 3g!thanks!but one problem,cydia is not working 🙁

  135. hatem says:

    Thank you 🙂 ..

  136. the custom firmware is not compatible.

  137. i”m using sony vaio C series and i can not view the compatibility on my properties. the restore firm ware is working but the custom is not. It is written on itunes that it is not compatible. what am I supposed to do?

  138. iksariki says:

    i’m not have SHSH saved.. :.(

    • iksariki says:

      update 3.1.2 to 4.2.1 and change baseband from 05.15.04 to 06.15.00
      but i can’t open cydia.. even i rejailbreak again and again.. with redsn0w

      i try to restore with the same FW 4.2.1 (i didn’t notice the baseband after hit restore)
      and now.. i’m stuck at verifying iphone restore(restoring is unfinished) or never ending recovery mode or steve jobs cartoon image (suck)..

      8 hour wake ,, and didn’t find any solution

  139. JeeAn says:

    The Custom Firmware is not compatible. :(( What to dooo? :((

  140. Miksai says:

    How about if I’m running windows 7 starter? 🙁

  141. Miksai says:

    what if I’m running windows 7 starter? 🙁

  142. Fred says:

    Awesome ! It worked just fine ! Really good work dude !

  143. selina says:

    Hi there do know how i could fix the wifi on the iphone 3g please help me

  144. David nguyen says:

    When I download the custom and regular firmware it shows up as a blank paper and i could not open it can you help?

  145. david nguyen says:

    What if you unplug it after you are done with the redsnow part but didnt get to the itunes part

  146. sha says:

    i cant find the link for the custom firmware!!! nither can i make a donation

  147. rigo says:

    dam this really worked!!!! i tried EVERYTHING and this really worked, thanx man and kevin also for the download link which is create a free account then download and thats for the custom firmware, feels good to b outa that dam thing!!

  148. Brod says:

    I cant find the custom firmware how can i get it??

  149. Das says:

    Dude! U r freaking awesome 😀

    Really impressed with your work man.


  150. pamela says:

    please i am using an iMac and i am getting stuck at itunes restore stage. when i hold down the shift key and press restore.. there is no window popping up. what do i uurgghh i am in distress

  151. pamela says:

    and before u say option..its not working…i could just die right now ggrrr

  152. Rashii says:

    When I Download iPhone 3G 4.2.1 Regular Firmware It Dosen’t Work But I Downloaded The Other 2 What Should I Do Now ?

  153. Liz says:

    still coming up with the same error (1510) towards the end of the last step

  154. Javi says:

    Thanks bro! finally got my iphone back! looking forward to watch the rest your videos!

  155. pamela says:


  156. Leo says:

    It wont let me restore when i try to use the coustom frimware it says that its not compatible . what should i do ?

  157. jaja says:

    i’m surely stupid!lol!getting stress of my iphone..i doing all the instruction..but keep fail..could you write me the simple step..because i’m really slow to catch what you say in the video..

  158. anand says:

    Redsn0w 0.9.6rc16 (Windows) i am not getting d unblock option in properties aithough i am using windows it required or its optional..plzzz plzz help

  159. jo says:!download|895p1|441210352|iPhone1_2_4.2.1_8C148_Custom_Restore.ipsw|347054|0|0

    the custom link

  160. katey says:

    It seems to have worked, but I only got emergency calls now?
    SIm card not recognised 🙁 Do I need to go and get it unlocked again?

  161. princejohn says:

    thanks alot for this site, you saved me. but pls after solving the error 1015 problem on my iphone 3g can i update it to 4.3, cos some apps i am using does not suport the ios 4.2.1, pls i need help seriously, any available options is welcomed

  162. jigy says:

    i did everything but i couldnt find the custom firmware :((( what should i do now

  163. matt says:

    i need the regular firmware

  164. basem says:

    thanks man this helped me alot

  165. Basem says:

    any one want help or custom firmware version contact me at

  166. Blue says:

    just “iPhone 3G 4.2.1 Custom Firmware download” u’ll find it 🙂 everything is in google …

  167. ismael says:

    i download the red snow n the firmware, how to change it to ispw?

  168. devi says:

    hi i have a 3 g phone and problem is 1015 ….how to fix it pl saw me step by step ..i am new to computer
    any one help


  169. gilly says:

    OMG i have noo experiance with like electronics and i downloaded redsn0w and it dosent have the thing that says compatibality,,,omg someone plz help when i downloaded it it was a zip folder i am like crying right now idk what to do to CAN SOMEONE PLZ HELP, I THINK MY PHONE IS BROKEN SHOULD I JUST THROW IT AWAY?

  170. Evie says:

    Happy New Year! Thanks man. This is really helpful. You rock big time!

  171. Yhon Soto says:


  172. abdi says:

    my phone stucks after the bird thing finished. helppp!!!!

  173. abdi says:

    please help.!!!! my phone stucks after the moving application thing. ”(please)”!!!!

  174. abdi says:

    when your iphone says moving applications, my iphone says flashing Nor. and it stucks after that.

  175. greg says:

    i followed the instructions and it worked, but cydia is still on my phone? I wanted to start of clean. no hacks.

  176. SanPet says:

    Hi, I got to the custom firmware restore, but I get a 1600 error in iTunes. I have tried almost everything I can find online but still no luck!! What shall I do?

  177. Jess101 says:

    can some one please help im so frustrated ive tried everything i got a iphone 3 of a friend and hadn’t realised it had been jailbroken i restored the phone and not it is stuck on the itunes symbol and the lead sign ive tried all these videos and then when i download the firmware its in zipped folder and then redsnow cant find it if anyone has done this can u please right out step by step what i need to do would really appreciate it!!

  178. SaigeBay says:

    umm wtf? mine doesnt have the “capability ” or whatever :/ i need help

  179. Neil Torres says:

    hey man you save my money…. it works for me thank you very much. move tutorials to come 🙂

  180. yousef hamdan says:

    i hope it will work for me ^_^

  181. yousef hamdan says:

    lol didint work for me -_-

  182. Silverboon says:

    I can not retrieve the IPSW and unsure the DFU Mode so when I select browse has your vid says, there’s nothing to open but your files but nothing opens with a IPSW.
    Please help.

    • Wolfgang Stoll says:

      Search for “iphone 3g custom firmware” w/o the quotation marks and look for the file “iPhone 3G Custom Firmware 4.2.1 8C148.ipsw”. That’s the file I used and it worked fine.
      DFU mode is a bit tricky in the beginning – at first I had problems to activate it, too – but having done it about a million times, it’s not that difficult anymore 😉
      1. Switch the phone off
      2. Press the Power button for about two seconds and continue to hold it
      3. After the two seconds press the Home button simultaneously and continue to hold it
      4. After about 10 seconds release the Power button, but continue to hold the Home button “forever”, i.e. for about another 30 seconds.
      5. redsn0w should either recognize your phone within this time or display an error message. In that case, try again … and again… Otherwise you may finally release the Home button.

  183. Wolfgang Stoll says:

    Thanks a ton for your great tutorial, Ian. Having tried myriads of “solutions” that didn’t work and actually stole 7 (seven!) hours of my life, I happened to find my way to this page, and with your help the update finally worked like a charm. 🙂
    I’m so grateful that I’ve donated 15$ a minute ago.
    Once again, thank you very much!

  184. paige says:

    had so many problems until i realized the custom download was separate lol woops! thanks so much you saved my butt!! i found this website for the custom update, i downloaded in seconds through your torrent downloader (I used uTorrent)

  185. Dayana says:

    I am so frustrated because i did step by step but when i am restoring the same error 1015 shows again. Well I know that my phone was restored before I bought it and i would like to know if that it is a problem.

  186. titus says:

    kindly help me to fix error 1015 on my iphone

  187. Rodrigo says:

    Hey !


  188. Nicole says:

    The firmware 4.2.1 regular one downloads as a zip folder and I cannot follow along with your steps.

  189. Nicole says:

    the 4.2.1 regular firmware downloads as a zip folder and I cannot follow along

  190. sara says:

    Ok so when I go to the step of pressing shift and clicking on restore from iTunes, I get a window where I’m supposed to select iPhone 1,2 custom, but i’m not getting that option it only has iPhone 1,2 restore. What should i do?

  191. le says:

    After I have restore my iphone 3g with the custom restore 4.2.1 file, all I get is connect itune with a small info button on the bottom right, if you slide the unlock bar I only got emergey call screnn. Any body help !!

  192. Bobby says:

    Dude i found the custom firmware but when i try to open it it dosent show i the piece with the itunes and the shift key and restore what can i do? when is the site for it opening back?

  193. Bobby says:

    i need a response ASAP

  194. prd says:

    Thank you so much…I have spent hours and days, downloading allsorts trying to fix this with no luck. Your method worked!
    My next question is how do I download my music from pc onto phone without the whole error1015 happening again?

  195. Rajendra says:

    my phone is 3g 4.2.1 but i want upgrade 4.3 it is possible?if possible how is process…

  196. Liviu says:

    I got a problem 😐 when i browse iPhone1,2_4.2.1_8C148_Restore it says Unable to recognize specified ipsw. Can someone help me with teamviewer ? please

  197. Davor says:

    Ty Man !!

  198. Mehrdad says:

    Guys you are awesome.It was really helpful.Million thanks

  199. sam says:

    I do not have at&t sim and could not arrange one. Now my itunes says that the sim is not supported in the iphone and phone shows sliding bar for emergency call. Could you please help me out this situation.



  200. cyjohnleal says:

    hi i cant find window 7 as u said in first step?
    please help me

  201. rahul says:

    Hi i followed instructions as mentioned in the video, but i get stuck all the time at restoring iphone software (stage). it just does not get completed at all. kindly help me on this.

  202. Rituraj says:

    Thanks a lot man, It works. Now my iPhone 3G is online.

  203. What’s up all, here every one is sharing these kinds of experience, thus it’s fastidious to read this blog, and I used to
    visit this weblog daily.

  204. Alex says:

    Thanks man this actually worked.

  205. julius says:

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  206. N conrad says:

    It Works 100% 4 me, Thanx, u just save my money

  207. Jasper says:

    Hey guys i was stressin over this shit for days i found ur video and worked first time you are fucking awesome!

  208. no name says:

    SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE! I followed this video and i thought it was all going fine until the end when it said iTunes has detected a phone in recovery mode AGAIN! and it was error 1015 again….now i don’t know what to do

  209. Jass says:

    Thanks a lot.. It worked for me after a day struggle..

    For guys who get 1015 error again, make sure you have all three files.

    1. redsn0w.exe
    2. iPhone1,2_4.2.1_8C148_Restore.ipsw ( File need to selected in ‘redsno0w’)
    3. iPhone 3G Custom Firmware 4.2.1 8C148.ipsw (File need to selected in ‘iTune’)

    The third file can be downloaded here.

  210. hamid amjad says:

    can anyone tell me which custom one i download

  211. kalai says:

    I have followed all the steps correctly ..

    But after restoring using itunes .. iphone 3g starts and said no service (sim card not supported) .. cant enter phone..

  212. JRR says:

    hey i did what you said when my phone was in DFU the fixrecovery43 justshuts down and nothing happens. please respond quickly

  213. JRR says:

    hey wth guys i know u guys are on this. please respond!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  214. eren8889 says:

    how can i download firmware?

  215. theresa janulgue` says:

    can u please send me the custom restore?
    in my email
    thanks in advance

  216. Pudge says:

    thx a lot for tutorial 🙂

  217. Rob says:

    Hey there, my phone won’t show the “connect to itunes” window. Seems that the battery did not last that long, or am i wrong? Then when i open the regular restore from the redsnow program, it says “Unable to recognize specified IPSW”. Please help, anyone out there.

  218. sunil says:

    excellent work bro….hands up for u
    tnx bro u really saved me to geting sick

    pls guys follow the instruction of the video step by step and download the regular firmware from the link which is given on this website only u will get success and for customer firmware pls follow this link file:///C:/Users/sunil/Downloads/[]iphone.3g.custom.restore.firmware.

  219. sunil says:

    excellent work bro….hands up for u
    tnx bro u really saved me to geting sick

    pls guys follow the instruction of the video step by step and download the regular firmware from the link which is given on this website only u will get success and for customer firmware pls follow this link

  220. nanoi says:

    oh my..i cant dwnload the custom firmware….can someone tell another link..pleaseee

  221. i7alianeca says:

    After this operation, the phone will be switched advise pls

  222. taofiq says:

    help 🙁 still can not

  223. ~SWAG~ says:

    hey bro add this to the tutorial:

    to jailbreak the phone afterward, use redsnow again and select the original stock firmware and follow the directions in redsnow. The phone won’t be jailbroken unless you do this it.

  224. Mike says:

    Thank you brooooo very very muchhhhhh

  225. DAvid says:

    Hi, THANK YOU. This finally got my iphone 3G working again. I’d like to undo the jailbreak and restore it to factory settings though. When I tried doing this it got stuck again in restore mode (as it was before fixing it through your instructions) So now I am following your instructions once more to get it working again.
    Once its working… how do I get my iPhone 3G back to factory settings (no jailbreak)?

    Thank you

  226. jodan says:

    i cant believe it….it worked…i have been trying to do this for three months now nd finally got it….ur a life saver man….nd also special thanks to kevin for the custom file link…..finally

  227. Henry says:

    Great. It worked only problem is that now I need to activate it and windows won’t recognize the iphones driver!!! Guess I have more work to do. Thanx anyway.

    • Alieu says:

      i downloaded the software and tried to get rid of the error 1015. and now my phone is showing me a pineapple on reboot and a man standing on the screen after turning it on. please help help

  228. Haydee says:

    Does it matter what version of iTunes I’m running? I have out the iPhone 3gs in DFU mode, used Redsnow and got the OK at the end to restore in iTunes. I have 11.1.8 now and I hit shift restore and locate the 4.1 firmware. everything is checking off until I get the 1015 error again and again. I am starting to think that I need iTunes version 10 but no one mentions this on any of the tutorials. Please let me know. I have been at this for 6+ hours 🙁

  229. laron says:

    i cnt find custom firmware

  230. Kunal says:

    Hi Brother,

    thanku very much for this lovely video.

    I need ur favor too my wifi was working fine but suddenly its went so i installed Fix Wifi from Cydia it GREYED MY WIFI….How to fix this and

    i want to install whats app on 6.15 … 4.1.2…please help how to install…


  231. Loveland says:

    OmG! It worked! Alhamdullilah…It worked. Thank you so much for this post. By the way it took me several months to succeed.

  232. it is great information. Thanks!!

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